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DD FORM 1149 Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document
DD FORM 1155 Order for Supplies or Services
DD FORM 1544 Cash Meal payment Book
DD FORM 1608 Unsatisfactory Material Report
DD FORM 200 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss
NAVSUP FORM 1282 Food Item Report/Issue Document
NAVSUP FORM 1090 Food Preparation Worksheet
NAVSUP FORM 1059 Food Item Report/Master Food Code List
NAVSUP FORM 1291 Meal Signature Record (Ashore only)
NAVSUP FORM 1292 Monthly recapitulation of Meal Record (Ashore only)
NAVSUP FORM 1334 Expenditure Log
NAVSUP FORM 1336 Requisition Log
NAVSUP FORM 1359 General Mess Summary Document
NAVSUP FORM 338 General Mess Control Record
NAVSUP FORM 367 Record of Receipts and Expenditures
NAVSUP 470 Cash Receipt Book
Receipt Documents Vendor receipts with the adding machine tape confirming total
SF 30 Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of contract
SF 364 Report of Discrepancy
Supporting Document Official Letters, Funding Documents, certification letters, Food Flashes NAVSUP P-476, Naval Messages, Midshipman Orders
NAVSUP 2104 Registration Record
NAVCOMPT 2214 Mess Requisition Form (Consumables)
NAVFAC PUB 68 Contracting Manual
FORM DD 2 Military I.D
DD FORM 29 Personal Effects Inventory
PUB 490 Transportation of Personal Property
NAVSUP 2085 BQ Annual Inventory & Utilization Report
NAVSUP 4160.21 M Defense Disposal Manual
NAVSUP P- 3520 Non-Appropriated Funds Financial Management Policies and Standards
NAVSUP 742 Fixed Assets in BQ
NAVSUP 743 Petty Cash Voucher
NAVSUP 2211 Daily Activity Record
NAVSUP 2212 Certification of Disposition (Excess Property)
NAVSUP 2213 Purchase Order (BOQ)
NAVSUP NMPC 41 Remittance Statement w/check
NAVFAC MO- 125 Custodial Services Manual
NAVFAC 15159 Manual for Messes Ashore
NAVFAC 10119.A Navy Customer Service Manual
NAVFAC 12662 MS Training Manual/ Rating Manual
NAVSUP 476 Nay Food Service (Semi Annual)
FSC 89 Federal Supply Catalog
NAVMED P-5010 Preventive Med Manual CH 1 (Food Safety)
NAVSUP P- 533 Food Service Equipment Catalog
NAVSUP 153 Survey Form, Private Mess
NAVSUP 1746/4 Private Mess Operating statement, Monthly
NAVSUP 1034 Public Voucher, Local form prepared by DISBO, for purchases and services
NAVMED P-5055 Radiation Health Protection Manual
NAVMED 43532-1 Mess Specialist PQS Booklet
SF 80 Voucher for Transfer
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