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SAT Vocab v1.0

First Round!

felicitous pleasant, delightful, suitably expressed
euphonious pleasing to the ear
distend to expand, to swell
reciprocal mutual, shared, inversely relate
vacuous empty, vacant; stupid, inane
debacle disaster; failure
rectitude moral uprightness; righteousness
repudiate to reject the validity/authority of
sanctimonious feigning piety or righteousness
sophistry plausible but misleading or fallacious argument
chicanery trickery
reciprocate to return in kind; to mutually share
effrontery brazen boldness; presumptuousness
impugn to attack as false or questionable
pejorative belittling
prodigious monumental; huge; exciting wonder
ingenuous naïve; frank
ingenious clever; resourceful; guileful
chimerical fantastic or highly improbable
lucid clearly understood
euphemism vagary to substitute for harshness
orthodox adhering to tradition, esp. religion
dichotomous division between two contradictory or exclusive groups
didactic instructive, educational
extrapolate to infer from given info
circumspect prudent, discreet
husbandry application of science to agriculture; esp. breeding
perspicuous clear-sighted; shrewd
pragmatic practical
precocious genius at young age
staid unemotional (staid demeanor)
esoteric intended for only a small group
gaffe social error
potentate powerful person; monarch
vituperative bitingly caustic, abusive, condemning
contiguous touching boundaries
incontrovertible indisputable
indict to formally charge with crime
litigious prone to engaging in lawsuits
partisan biased/devoted to a specific party, group, or cause
parity equality, as in amount, status, or value
Created by: saltimmortalsea


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