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MAA102 Week 5 12 &13

Which coding systems are used for diagnosis? ICD-9 and ICD-10-CM
Where can I find a diagnosis? Variety of sources such as medical records, clinical notes, laboratory tests, radiological results, and encounter forms/superbills
Which coding system is alphanumeric? ICD-9 and ICD-10-CM
What sections make up the ICD-10-CM? Volume 2 alphabetic index, neoplasms, drugs and chemicals, external causes of injuries, Volume 1 Tabular list codes arranged alphanumerically
What is another name for Volume 1 in the ICD-10-CM? Tabular List
How is a lowercase x used? placeholder character within an ICD-10 code
What is a seventh character? Some ICD-10 categories require an extension to provide further specificity about a condition being coded
Which code uses 3-4 alphanumeric characters? ICD-9
Which code uses a base 6 alphanumeric characters, and then sometimes adds a seventh character for more specificity? ICD-10-CM
Which code contains a list of descriptive terms and identifying codes used in reporting medical services and procedures performed and supplies used by physicians and other professional healthcare providers in the care and treatment of patients? CPT
Which code consists of 5 numbers and is sometimes defined further by 2-digit modifiers to help explain an unusual circumstance associated with a service or procedure? CPT
What does a bullet symbol before a code mean? The code is new to the CPT manual for that edition
What is the first step of CPT coding? Identify the procedure, service, or supply
What is the first step of ICD coding? Identify the main term
Which code is found at the beginning of the CPT manual and deals with what the healthcare provider does during their time with the patient, rather than just the amount of time spent? Evaluation and Management (E/M) codes (99201-99499)
What are the two subcategories of office visits? New patients and established patients
What are the two subcategories of hospital visits? Initial visits and subsequent visits
What is the difference between E/M and CPT codes? E/M codes are are technically CPT codes, but E/M codes are used to distinguish services from procedural coding
What is a patient that has not received any professional services from the physician or another physician of the same specialty who belongs to the same group practice regardless of location of service within the past 3 years? New patient
What is face-to-face time An E/M coding measurement of the time that the healthcare professional spends in direct contact with a patient during an office visit, it includes taking history, performing an examination, and discussing results
What is the manual for CPT and E/M codes? CPT-4
What is defined by the CPT-4 as "an organized hospital/based facility for the provision of unscheduled episodic services to patients who present for immediate medical attention", and the facility must be available for immediate care 24 hours a day? Emergency Department
Created by: FindSugar