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Clini 2

Chapter 12

Position used to take vital signs Sitting
Position used to examine the abdomen Suprine
Position used to examine the back Prone
Position used for vaginal exam or foley insertion Dorsal recumbent
Position used for rectal exam or procedures Sims
Position of comfort for PT with respiratory distress or back pain Semi- fowler so or high fowlers
Position to do a pelvic exam on a female Lithotomy
Position for proctologic procedures Knee chest
Position for PT who is faint or hypotensive Trendelenburg
Visual eye exam Inspection
Exam by listening Auscultation
Exam by touching Palpation
Exam by tapping fingers on the body and listening to the sound transmitted Percussion
Exam by measuring Mensuration
Exam by passive movement to a joint Manipulation
General survey Inspection
Vital signs Auscultation/ palpating/ mensuration
Skin Inspection / palpation
Anterior and posterior chest / lungs Inspection/palpation/percussion/auscultation
Breasts Inspection/ palpation
Cardiovascular system Auscultation/ inspection/ palpation
Abdomen Inspection/palpation/auscultation/percussion
GYN/ exam for woman Inspection/ palpation
Prostate and rectal exam for men Inspection/palpation/ digital
Basic instruments used in a typical medical exam Gloves / drapes/ gowns/ basin/specimen container /tougue depressor/ Cotton swabs
Instrument used to to examine the eyes Ophthalmoscope
Instrument used to examine the ears Otoscope
Instrument used to test reflexes Percussion hammer
Used to test for hearing loss Tuning fork
Used to check for microscopic blood in the stool Fecal occult blood test
Sitting on the end of the exam table Sitting
Lying flat on your back Supine
Lying flat on your stomach Prone
Lying flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the table Dorsal recumbent
Lying on your side with bottom leg straight and top leg bent Sims
Lying back with legs extended and head raised at a 45 degree angle Semi fowlers
Lying on your back with legs extended and head raised at a 90 degree angle High. Fowlers
Lying on your back with hips and buttocks at the edge of table with feet in stirrups Lithotomy
Lying on stomach with knees bent and buttocks raised Knee chest
Lying with head lower than the heart and feet raised higher then the heart Trendelenburg
Supine Lying flat on your back
Prone Lying flat on your stomach
Exams for 'SITTING"positions VS / reflexes / chest ( thorax ) breathing sounds / head and neck
Exams while in SUPINE position ( flat on back ) Back / posterior legs
Exam for DORSAL RECUMBENT position Foley catheter insertion / modified pelvic exam
Exams for SIMS position Rectal procedures / temp / suppository /'colonoscopy
Exams for LITHOTOMY position GYN/ pelvic/rectal exam/ PAP SMEAR and bimanual exam
Exams for KNEE CHEST position Proctologic exam and procedures
for comfort of PT with. Dyspnea Semi and high fowlers postion
Exam for TRENDELENBURG position Used for PT with low BP ( light headed and dizzy ) Will help raise BP
INSPECTION To look at / see
AUSCULTATION Listening ( heart - breath - bowel )
PALPATION Touch feel ( ex. Pulse /'organ size / organ location / masses / lymph nodes / pain / tenderness)
PERCUSSION Listening to sound by tapping ( ex. Organ transplants enlargement/ fluid accumulation)
GENERAL SURVEY INSPECTION OF VS / auscultation/ mensuration/ palpation
ANTERIOR/ POSTERIOR (THORAX- LUNGS) Front and back of lungs ( look - inspection) ( listen - auscultation) ( feel- Palpation ) percussion ( I / A / PAL/ PERC)
ABDOMEN Inspection/ ASCULTATION/ palpation/ PERCUSSION ( I - A - PAL - PERC )
Look Inspection
Feel Percussion
Male reproductive Inspection/ palpation/ digital ( using one finger in rectum )
Created by: Tbella
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