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BOE Training

Training for Election Judges

Supervisor Manages all aspects of a Polling Place.
Assistant Supervisor Manages the Touch-screen and Opti-scan Voting Machines.
Poll Worker Check in and assist all voters.
Tech Maintains and troubleshoots all machines.
iVotronic The technical name for a Touch-screen voting machine.
M100 The technical name for the Opti-scan Reader.
High School Student Nonpartisan workers assigned to assist Poll Workers at the poll.
Roving Deputies These people make inspections of polling places to ensure that the polls are properly set up and running smoothly.
Challenger People appointed by a political party to be present inside the polls. They observe, make lists, and even challenge the processing of voters.
Electioneering Showing support for or opposition to a candidate or ballot issue, wearing candidate buttons or badges, displaying campaign posters, distributing sample ballots or campaign literature, and/or gathering signatures for petitions.
Curb-side Voting A method in which a voter may vote by affidavit from their car, if they are unable to enter the Polling Place
Comment Sheet A form used to describe problems, concerns, and anything else that needs to be shared with the Board of Elections.
Transport Case Seal Log A form used to verify the seal on the Transport Case.
Seal Verification Form A form that confirms that all of the election supplies have remained secure until Election Day.
Supplemental Roster The updated voter registration file, which records changes made to voter registration.
Birthday Search A search done on the Poll Pad to find a voter's record.
Street Search A search done on the Poll Pad to find a voter's polling location if they have moved or need to change their address.
Yellow Paper Supplemental The printed update to the precinct roster.
Safe at Home Program Created by the Missouri Secretary of State's office, this program is for Missourians who need to keep their information confidential.
Ballot Style The list of candidates and issues that a voter votes on based on where they live.
Ballot Type The method in which a voter votes.
Opti-scan Opening Certification Form This form is used to verify the quantity and ballot styles the polling place has been issued as well as the serial number on the Opti-scan Reader.
Orphaned Ballot If a voter leaves their ballot on the Opti-scan Reader, it is considered to be this.
Abandoned Ballot If a voter leaves their ballot any place other than the Opti-scan Reader, it is considered to be this.
Touch-screen Opening Certification Form A form that is used to account for all of the Touch-screen machines. IT verifies that you have the correct PEBs and confirms the zero public count.
Opti-scan Closing Certification Form A form that is used to account for all of the Opti-scan Ballots.
Touch-screen Closing Certification Form A form that audits all voting activity at the Polling Place.
Write-in Candidate A person whose name is not printed on the ballot and who has filed a Declaration of Intent with the election authority.
Provisional Ballot A method in which to vote if a voter's eligibility cannot be immediately determined; a process for casting a ballot.
Audio Ballot This type of ballot is available for voters with visual impairment, but are only available in state and federal elections.
Created by: St.L Co BOE