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Final Exam

Vocab List 8-14

Perdition damnation; hell
Aesthetic pertaining to beauty
Empirical based on practical experience rather than theory
Germane relevant; fitting
Querulous complaining; grumbling
Flaccid flabby
Egregious remarkably bad; outrageously evil
Recant to withdraw or disavow a statement or opinion
Jocular Humorous; light hearted
Palliate to ease; to lessen; to alleviate
Malleable capable of being changed; easily shaped
Affinity attraction to
Impalpable unable to be felt
Miscreant vicious person
Lascivious lustful
Hector to bully
Coalesce to blend
Beguile to charm; to deceive
Hiatus a break
Auspicious favorable or promising results
Vociferous loud noise
Proletariat working class
Tenacious strongly held
Refractory difficult to control
Platonic absence of romance
Apex highest point
Acrid bitter
Credulity to believe readily
Dross trash
Verisimilitude appearance of truth
Intractable stubborn
Disseminate to scatter
Extemporaneous spontaneous
Diaspora dispersion of people
Acerbic sarcastic
Androgynous male and female characteristics
Furlough leave of absence
Misogyny hatred to women
Stolid unemotional
Succor something to give relief or aid
Clandestine secret
Camaraderie friend
Zealous fervent or fanatical
Replete full; abundant
Interminable tiresome and ling
Vernacular everyday language
Equanimity composure and calmness
Metamorphosis a transformation or dramatic change
Nonchalant unconcerned
Cosmopolitan wordy and sophisticated
Peremptory authoritative
Usurp to take over
Patronizing acting superior
Iniquity evil or wicked act
Vacillate to waver indecisively
Talisman a charm
Efficacious effective
Inundate to fill up to capacity
Estrange to alienate
Intrinsic inherent
Anomaly out of the norm
Innocuous harmless
Plethora excess
Flippancy disrespect
Incongruous unsuitable for the situation
Hubris overbearing pride
Platitude a obvious remark
Venerate to respect
Stringent restrictive
Haughty arrogant
Convoluted complicated
Anecdote a short account of an incident
Churlish boorish and vulgar
Livid extremely angry
Lurid explicit
Puerile childish
Renunciation rejection
Allay to relieve
Ameliorate to improve
Culpable guilty
Penultimate next to last
Blithe carefree
Soporific to induce sleep
Pervasive spread throughout
Benign favorable
Corroborate to confirm
Luminous emit light
Circuitous roundabout
Largesse generosity
Indolent lazy
Turpitude wickedness
Punctilious attentive to detail
Conflagration large destructive fire
Protégé a person under the guidance
Virulent toxic
Curmudgeon a stubborn person
Gustatory taste
Misanthrope hatred to humankind
Malevolent having ill-will
Paladin a heroic champion
Tangential merely touching
Exculpate not guilty
Squelch to squash
Ethereal angelic
Ascetic a person who practices extreme self-denial
Created by: seaste5434


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