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Stack #25386

Integumentary System

melan- black
seb- grease
sebaceous gland that secretes an oily substance
melanin dark pigment produced by certain cells, produces skin color
follicle tubelike depression in which a hair develops
keratin protein produced as epidermal cells die and harden
subcutaneous beneath the skin, contains adipose tissue
dermis inner layer of skin, contains hair root and sweat glands
epi- upon
epidermis outer layer of skin
sweat contains water, salts and waste products
urea waste product
arrector pili muscle goose bumps, erects the hair shaft
eccrine sweat glands responds to body temperature elevation
apocrine sweat glands responds to emotional upsets, frightened or pain
melanocytes produces melanin
melanoma cancer of the melanocytes
sebum secreted by the sebaceous gland
adipose tissue fat cells, found in subcutaneous layer
stratum corneum tightly packed dead cells in the outer epidermis
stratum basale contains melanocytes, deepiest layer of the epidermis
basement membrane connects the epidermis to the dermis
sub- beneath under
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