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Nutrition meanings

Meanings/matching & abbreviations

Bland diet hiatus hernia
Cardiac diet low in fat/cholesterol, restricts sodium and calories
Clear fluids diet liquids that you can see through
Diabetic diet prescribed number of calories
Full fluids diet generally follows clear fluid diet
Gluten-free diet Celiac disease
High-calorie diet anorexia
High-fibre diet stimulates peristaltic action
High-protein diet promotes tissue repair and weight gain
Ice chips or sips only diet major surgery
Low-residue/surgical soft diet colostomy
Minced diet patients can swallow a little
No added salt diet ordered for patients with fluid retention
Progressive diet food introduced in stages
Pureed diet dysphagia
Regular diet no restrictions
Soft diet involves little or no chewing
Transitional diet introduced to selected solid foods before or after surgery
10 Fr. NG tube 10 French nasogastric tube
AL albumin
AST aspartate aminotransferase
BRAT bananas, rice, applesauce, toast
BSP bowel sounds are present
BUN blood urea nitrogen
cal calories
Cardiac diet diet for patients with heart disease
CBC complete blood count
CDA diet Canadian Diabetic Association diet
CF clear fluids
CF-DAT clear fluids progress to diet as tolerated
d/c or dc discontinue
DAT diet as tolerated
DD diabetic diet
EF enteral feed
FF full fluids
FF-DAT full fluids progress to diet as tolerated
GF gluten-free
G-tubes gastrostomy tube
HF high fibre diet
HP high protein diet
IDDM insulin dependant diabetes mellitus
INR international normalized ratio
IV intravenous
J-tubes jejunostomy tube
LOW SODIUM low sodium diet (less than 3000 mg/day)
LR low residue diet
MIC device bard button
NAS no added salt diet (3000-4000 mg/day)
N-G tube nasogastric tube
NIDDM non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus
NPO nothing by mouth
OGTT oral glucose tolerance test
PAR parenteral feed
PE puree
PEG tube percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube
PTT partial thromboplastin time
REG regular/full diet
SOFT/SURGICAL soft surgial diet (low in fibre)
SS surgical soft diet
T&A tonisilectomy and adenoidectomy
TPN total parenteral nutrition
TPN baseline total parental nutrition baseline lab work
VERY LOW SODIUM very low sodium diet (2000 mg/day or less)
VMA vanillylmandelic acid test
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