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Ch. 10 vocab

Sterile Conscience Mindset of constant vigilance. Taking ownership for the sterility of all items from the time of processing(sterilization) to end of procedure.
Joint Commission Independent, nonprofit organization that promotes patient safety and quality of care
Laceration Jagged wound /\/\/\
Sebaceous Cyst Cyst occurs as result of blocked sebaceous gland(gland responsible for producing sebum(oil.)that moisturizers skin.
Aspiration Removal of fluid that builds up as a result of inflammation
Abscess Localized infection
Furuncle Boil
Laser Light amplication by stimulated emission of radiation
Concentric Circles Circles that start in the center and work way out to periphery
Fenestrated Drape Drape with an opening that goes over surgical site
Closed Wound Wounds that do not break skin
Open Wound Wounds that do break the skin
Exudate Fluid secreted by tissue(including blood, pus, dead cells, tissues fluid
Debridement Removal of dead tissue
Primary Dressing Dressing that lays directly on wound (Telfa)
Secondary Dressing Placed over primary dressing
Bandage A wrapping material placed over a dressing or closed skin to hold dressing or immobilize a joint
Serous Fluid that contains serum(clear or yellow)
Serosanguineous Discharge that contains both serum and blood
Sanguineous Discharge that contains blood
Purulent A discharge containing pus
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