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one who specializes in eye measurement optometrist
lazy eye syndrome amblyopia
color blindness achromatopsia
paralysis of the eye ophthalmopleagia
surgical repair of the eyelid blepharoplasty
waxy secretion produced by glands of external ear cerumen
reconstruction of the eardrum myringoplasty
outward turning of the eye exotropia
dilation of the pupil corectasis
discharge of pus from the ear otopyorrhea
flow of tears dacryorrhea
coloed part of eye iris
pertaining to smell olfactory
paralysis of the eye ophthalmoplegia
inward turning of the eye esotropia
ear pain otalgia
disease of the retina retinopathy
use of cold metal probe to remove cataract intracapsual extraction
visual examination of the retina retinoscopy
increase in intraocular pressure glaucoma
imperfection of curvature astigmatism
normal vision emmetropia
one eye out of synchrony strabismus
farsightedness hyperopia
severe congenital deficiency in color perception achromatapsia
a hordeolum sty(e)
protrusion of one or both eyeballs exophthalmos
loss of smell anosmia
condition that elderly amd abandoned suffer from due to lack of touch skin hunger
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