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Junko WWI

Diplomacy The art of negotiation, persuasion, and manipulation
Von Schlieffen German general that devised a plan to avoid a two front war
Serbia Austria blamed this country for the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
No Man's Land The area between the trenches
Lusitania 128 Americans were killed on this passenger liner which was struck by a German torpedo
Reparations Money paid to compensate for war damages
Militarism The glorification of armed strength
Entente Friendly understanding among countries, similar to an Alliance
The Great War War that took place from 1914-1919
Italy This country decided to leave the Central Powers and join the Allied Powers
Causes of WWI Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
Blood and Iron Bismark's style of fighting in which he relied upon the strength of his industry and military might
Kaiser Wilhelm I The first leader of the newly formed Germany
Alcase Lorrain These were the catholic states that joined Germany after the Franco Prussian War
7 Weeks War The war fought between Prussia and Austria in 1866
Bismark The architect of the German Unification process
Garibaldi The leader of the red shirts that helped to free southern Italy from Spanish control
Victor Emmanuel II The first king of the newly unified Italy
Napoleon III The leader of France that was granted Nice and Savoy after their victory of Austria
Sardinia The home country of Cavour who was the architect of the Italian unification process
Congress of Vienna Meeting held in 1815 to decide the fate of Europe in the post Napoleon era
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk This agreement removed Russia from WWI and allowed the Germans to focus on the Western front
Dreadnaught The battleship built by the British
Created by: mjunko1