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ed2go Medical Term

ed2go Medical Terminology

adenoma gland tumor
calculosis stones
hydrocele water cyst, tumor
cytology study of cells
glycosuria sugar in the urine
homeostasis same environment
linguiform tongue shaped
lipoma fat tumor
lithotripsy stone dissolve
madarosis loss of eyelashes or eyebrows
psycho mind; study of psychology; mental processes
pyogenic pus producing
radiology study of rays
thermobiosis exists at high temperature
arthritis joint inflammation
carpoptosis wrist dropping
intercostal between ribs
chondromalacia soft cartilage
craniotomy skull incision
dactylitis finger inflammation
iliosacral ilium and sacrum
manicure hand care
myeloma marrow tumor
myoedema muscle swelling
orthopedic concerning deformities
osteoplast bone surgery
pedicure foot care
spondylitis vertebrae inflammation
cutitis skin inflammation
dentiform toothlike
dermatology study of skin
parapsia touch disorder
odontoprisis teeth grinding
oncology study of tumors
onychitis nail bed inflammation
pediculosis condition of lice
pruritis itching inflammation
psoriasis condition of itch
sarcolysis flesh decomposing
sclerogenous hardening tissue
squamous scalelike
trichoid hairlike
cholecystectomy gallbladder excision
colitis large intestine inflammation
emetic produces vomit
enteritis intestinal inflammation
gastritis stomach inflammation
glossopathy tongue disease
hepatitis liver inflammation
ileitis ileum inflammation
laparotomy abdomen incision
myxoma mucus tumor
proctology study of diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus
pylorostenosis pyloric narrowing
stomatitis mouth inflammation
visceromegaly enlarged abdominal organs
angiogram vessel study
aortalgia aorta pain
arteriosclerosis condition of hard arteries
cardiology study of the heart
embolectomy embolus removal
anemia without blood
hematoma blood tumor
phlebotomy vein incision
thrombophlebitis clotted vein
varicocele twisted veins, tumor
vasoconstriction tightened vessel
vena cava large vein
ventriculitis ventricle inflammation
bronchitis bronchial inflammation
ciliogenesis cili forming
atelectasis abnormal expansion
laryngitis larynx inflammation
nasology study of the nose
orofacial mouth and face
oxyosmia keen sense of smell
pectoralgia chest nerve pain
pleurisy inflammation of exterior lung lining
pneumonectomy lung excision
hemoptysis bloddy sputum (spit)
pulmonogy study of the lungs
rhinitis nose inflammation
tracheostomy trachea opening
creatinuria excess creatinine
cystoscopy bladder examination
glomerulitis glomeruli inflammation
nephrectomy kidney removal
peritonitis peritoneum inflammation
pyelonephritis pelvis and kidney inflammation
reniform kidney shaped
ureterocele ureter tumor
urethritis urethra inflammation
uriposia drinking of urine
uricemia uric acid in blood
urination discharge of urine
urology study of urine
bulbitis inflammation of the bulbourethral gland
cervicectomy cervix removal
galactorrhea excessive milk
genitoplasty genital organ surgery
hysterectomy uterus removal
lactation milk producing
mastectomy breast removal
endometriosis condition of abnormal cells outside uterus
neonatal newborn
oophoroitis ovary inflammation
orchidoptosis testicle dropping
ovicide egg destruction
salpingitis fallopian tube inflammation
spermacrasia lack of sperm
vasectomy excision of vas deferens
audiology study of sound
cerebrosclerosis brain hardening
encephalopathy brain disease
anesthesia without sensation
medullectomy brain excision
meningitis meninges inflammation
neurology study of nerves
occipitofacial occiput and face
oculomotor eye movement
ophthalmology study of the eye
otitis ear inflammation
parietofrontal front wall or bones
pontobulbar pons and medulla
temporomandibular temple and jaw
anencephalic without a brain
abduction away from, rotate
adduction toward, rotate
neuralgia nerve pain
antepartum before birth
antibacterial against bacteria
bilateral two sides
bradycardia slow heartbeat
circumrenal around the kidney
concentric together center; same center
dehydrate away from hydration
arthrodesis surgical fixation of a joint
diaplacental through the placenta
dysemia abnormal blood
ectocornea outer layer of the cornea
tonsillectomy tonsil removal
endogastric within the stomach
epigastric top of stomach
exophthalmus eyes bulging away from
extrasensory beyond senses
ferrokinetics study of iron metabolism
forehead before head
reniform kidney-shaped
graphospasm writer's cramp
hemiparesis paralysis to one half of the body
hydrophobia afraid of water
hypertension high tension
hypothermic below temperature
cholelithiasis condition of gallbladder stones
pediatric child medicine
enteric pertaining to the small intestines
intercostal between ribs
intra-aortic within the aorta
metastasis condition of change in location or spreading
gastritis stomach inflammation
juxtaepiphysial near epiphysis or part of long bone
metakinesis moving part
kyphosis condition of being humpbacked
cardiology study of heart science
osteolysis bone breakdown
macrostomia large mouth
chondromalacia soft cartilage
mediocarpal middle of the carpal bone
cardiomegaly large heart
microcephalic small brain
mononucleosis condition of large outbreak of one nucleus lumphocytes
multifocal many locations
neonatal newborn
obtunded against or mentally dull
mucoid mucouslike
oliguria diminished urination
neurology study of nerves
lymphoma lymph tumor
pediculosis condition of lice infestation
craniotomy skull incision
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