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final 130

surgical procedure

What is the usual length of suture material used? 18inch
What are the six chains of infection? infectious agent, host resiovoir, means of exit, means of transfer, means of enternce, subsetiable host
what do bandage scissors look like? one round tip to allow insertion under a bandage
what does an Iris scissors look like? small, sharp, and can be curved or straight
what does a suture scissors look like? notched blade to facilitate the insertion of one tip under suture
on your body what is sterility considered with your hands? above waist
What is ultrasonic cleaning? sound waves with special cleaning solutions
What are the five stages of infection? incubation, pronomal, acute, declining, convalecence
What is the temp of an autoclave? 250-254 degrees
how far apart should items be in an autoclave? 2 inches
how long are instruments autoclaved for? 20 minutes
what is the most common autoclave? steam
What are surgical wicks used for? when an infected wound needs to remain open for drainage?
what does silvadene cream treat? burns and other abbrasive wounds
what is the ratio of bleach used to clean biohazard spills? 1:10 or 10%
How would you change a dressing or remove sutures that were stuck to wound or scabbed over? soak in solution prescribed by doc then remove and clean
What are the signs of inflammation? redness, swelling, heat
what are the steps of suture removal and sterip strip application? lift with forecept, cut below knot, remove suture, applie benzoid outside wound, sterip strip applied end to end like tracks
Electrosurgery? uses electricity for skin tags, lesions, or warts
What is the advantage of using electrosurgery? little bleeding
What is cryosurgery? destroy by freezing tissue
what are the advantages of cryosurgery? less traumatic, control of bleeding
What does the acronym laser stand for? light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
What precaution must you heed when using laser? don't inhale vapors, used safty glasses, use non flammable products to prepare skin, sterile water available to extingusih fire
What is the most used suture material in an ambulatory office setting? swag
What are the sizeds of suture gages? 0 to 4
Higher the suture number means? the finer it is and less scarring
What was absorbable sutures called back in the day? cat gut
What is absorbable sutures called today? vicryo or psd2
What are the four types of suture needles? cutting needle, round tapper needle, point needle, blunt needle
There are three categories of instruments what are they? cutting, grasping, dilalting or probing
What are cutting instruments? scissors and scalpels
what are grasping instruments? hemostate, forceps, clamps and needle holders
what are dilalating or probing instruments? specula, scope, probes, retracters, and dialatores
What are sponges also know as? gaze
what are the sizes of sponges? 2 by 2, 3 by 3, 4 by 4
What is dressing? sterile miteral applied directly to surface of wound.
what is bandages? are supported matierial applied over dressing
Created by: Seanmorrone