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special senses mt

a Without
acou/o Hearing
-al pertaining to or expressing relationship
-ar pertaining to or expressing relationship
audi/o Hearing
aur/i Ear
aur/o Ear
bi- Two
bin- Two
blephar/o Eyelid
cac/o Bad
chrom/o Color
conjunctiv/o Conjunctiva
core/o Pupil
cor/o Pupil
corne/o Cornea
cry/o Cold
cyst/o Sac
dacry/o tears, tear duct
dipl/o Two
-eal pertaining to
-ectomy Surgical removal of
fov Pit
gloss/o Tongue
-gram Resulting record
hyper Above, more than
hypo Below, less than
-ic pertaining to or expressing relationship
-ician One who
intra within
irid/o iris
-ism Condition, state of
-ist a specialist
-itis Inflammation of
karat/o Cornea
labyrinth/o labyrinth
lacrim/o tears
laryng/o Larynx
lingu/o Tounge
mastoid/o Mastoid
medi Middle
-meter Instrument used to measure
-metr/y Measurement
mon/o One
my/o Muscle, near
myring/o Ear drum
nas/o Nose
ocul/o Eye
-ocular Eye
-ologist Specialist
-ology Study of
ophthalm/o Eye
-opia Vision
opt/o Vision
or/o Mouth
-ory Referring to
osse/o Bone
-ostomy Surgically creating of an opening
ot/o Ear
-otomy To cut into
-ous Pertaining to
-pathy Disease
-pexy Surgical fixation
pharyng/o Throat, pharynx
-pharynx throat
-phobia Fear of
-phonia Sound
phon/o Sound
phot/o Light
-plasty Surgical repair
-plegia Paralysis
presby Old
-ptosis Drooping
pupill/o Pupil
retin/o Retina
rhin/o Nose
-rrhea discharge
scler/o Sclera
-scope Instrument for view
sens Feeling
staped/o Stapes
-stomy To create an artificial opening
-tic Pertaining to
-tomy To cut into
ton/o Pressure
tympan/o Ear drum
vitre/o Glass-like
Created by: paritabajadeja