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Female OBGYN

Female Reproductive System, Gynecology, Obstetrics & Neonatal

COLP/O, VAGIN/O Vagina (Sheath, Sword)
EPISI/O, VULV/O Vulva - External genitalia
PERINE/O Perineum - Region between genital organs and anus.
LACT/O Milk (galaxy)
CERVIC/O Cervix; Opening between uterus and vagina
HYSTER/O, METR/O, UTER/O Uterus. Ex. Hysterectomy, Endometriosis, Uterus
MEN/O Menstruation (month)
OOPHOR/O, OVARI/O Ovary. OO (egg) PHOR (to carry) OOPHOR - thing that carries the eggs.
SALPING/O Fallopian Tube
AMNI/O Amnion - Innermost membrane covering a fetus
-Cyesis Pregnancy
CHORI/O, CHORION/O Chorion - Outer membrane covering fetus; It connects the fetus to the uterus wall
TOC/O Labor
FET/O Fetus - (embryo); An unborn child after the 8th week of pregnancy.
PART/O, NAT/O Birth (PART/O) Focuses on the mother. NAT/0 To be born. Focuses on the baby.
MENORRHAGIA (MEN-oh-RAY-jah) Excessive menstrual flow
METROMENORRHAGIA (MEH-troh-MEN-oh-RAY-jah) METRO (uterus) MENO (menstruation) RRHAGIA (excessive discharge)
METRORRHAGIA (MEH-troh-RAY-jah) Menstrual bleeding at irregular times
CERVICAL DYSPLASIA Bad formation of cervical cells
HEMATOSALPINX Blockage in fallopian tube caused by blood
HYDROSALPINX Blockage in fallopian tube caused by water, clear fluid
GRAVIDA (GRAH-vid-ah) Heavy - Pregnant
EUTOCIA (yoo-TOH-shee-ah) Good, normal labor
DYSTOCIA (dis-TOH-shee-ah) (DYS)Bad, abnormal, difficult (TOC) labor
TERATOGENIC (TER-ah-toh-JIN-ik) TERATO (Monster) GEN (Creation) IC (pertaining to). Causing the formation of birth defects.
OBSTETRICS Branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy, labor & delivery
NATAL Pertaining to birth
ANTEPARTUM Before birth
INTRAPARTUM During birth
NEONATAL Pertaining to new birth; The first 28 days after birth
NEONATOLOGIST Specialist in neonatal period
NEONATOLOGY Study of the neonatal period
OSTETRICIAN Specialist in pregnancy, labor and delivery of newborns
PERINATAL Time around (PERI) the birth; ranging from 28 weeks of pregnancy to 28 days after pregnancy
POSTNATAL Pertains to after birth
POSTPARTUM Pertaining to after birth; Focus on mother after birth
PRENATAL Pertaining to before birth
OXYTOCIN Agent that stimulates uterine contractions and accelerates labor
TOCOLYTIC Agent that stops or delays premature labor and contractions
DERMOID CYST Also called TERATOMA. An ovarian cyst. Can contain hair, teeth, bone or cartilage. Literally: 'skin resembling cyst'
TERATOMA Also called A Dermoid Cyst. An ovarian cyst. Literally: 'Monster Tumor.'
ABORTIFACIENT Drug or device that causes termination of pregnancy
INDUCED ABORTION Intentional termination of pregnancy
CESAREAN SECTION Common term used in Obstetrics. Delivery of baby via incision in uterus. Refers to ancient Roman law requiring child to be cut from mother's womb if mother died in childbirth.
CIPP Chronic Idiopathic Pelvic Pain
Cx Cervix
GYN Gynecology
HPV Human Ppillomavirus
HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy
HSG Hysterosalpingogram
LEEP Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure
PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
PMS Premenstrual Syndrome
SHG Sonohysterography
STD/STI Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection
TAH/BSO Total Abdminal Hysterectomy/BiLateral Salpingo-Ooophorectomy
TSS Toxic Shock Syndrome
TVS Transvaginal Sonography
VH Vaginal Hysterectomy
CPD Cephalopelvic Disproportion
CS, C-Section Cesarean Section
DOB Date of Birth
EDD Expected Date of Delivery
FAS Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FOB Father of the baby OR Fetal Blood Occult
G Gravida
IVF In Vitro Fertilization
LGA Large for Gestational Age
LMP Last Menstrual Period
P Births (Para)
RDS Respiratory Distress Syndrome
SGA Small for Gestational Age
Created by: MCasler
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