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ISCHEMIC CAN BE DEFINED AS A decreased supply of oxygenated blood to the body part or organ
A cystocele is a herniation of the urinary bladder
Nulli is a prefix that means none
False is indicated by the prefix pseudo
Tiny red or purple spots on the skin appearing as a result of small hemorrhages within the dermal or submucosal layers are called petechiae
Kerato refers to horny or cornea
The suffix lysis means breaking down
The left eye is indicated by the following letters OS
Tissue death is called necrosis
The secretion of excessive sweat is also known as diaphoresis
Which radiografphic procedure has the ability to make images in multiple planes MRI
The abscence of a normal body opening, duct, or canal is called Atresia
Epistaxis can be defined as bleeding from the nose
Blood gas analysis is called ABG
A ganglion is collection of nerve endings
The lungs are covered in a serous membranous sac called the visceral pleura
the passageway for food and liquids into the digestive system, and for air into the respiratory system, is the pharynx
The vocal cords are located in the larynx
The function of the trachea is to conduct air to and from the lungs
The nasal cavity is divided into two portions by the septum
The bones of the palm of the hand are referred to as metacarpals
The muscles important in respiration are intercostal
The thick, fan-shaped muscle that lies on the anterior chest is the pectoralis major
The triangular muscle of the shoulder that abducts the arm is the deltoid
which of the abdominal muscles orginigates at the pubic bone and ends in the ribs *RECTUS ABDOMINIS
One of the principal muscle of the pelvic floor is the levator ani
The gastrocnemius is the chief muscle of the calf of the leg
A connective tissue band that holds bones together is called ligament
The two bones that form the side walls and the roof of the cranium are the parietal bones
The sternocleidomastoid muscle is located along the side of the neck
The medial bone of the forearm, which is located on the small-finer side of the hand is called the ulna
The bone that is shaped like butterfly and forms the anterior portion fo the base of the cranium is the Sphenoid
The bone that forms the posterior portion of the skull is the occipital
The lower jawbone is the mandibule
The adult vertebral column has 26 bones
The conjuntiva is the covering of the anterior globe except the cornea
The part of the brain responsible for maintenance of balanced and muscle tone, as well as coordination of voluntary muscle is the cerebellum
The area of the brain that controls the respiratory center is the medulla oblongata
The largest part of the brain is the cerebrum
The winding cone-shaped tube of the iner ear is the cochlea
the vein in the bend of the elbow that is commonly used as a site for veinpuncuture is the median cubital vein
The superior and inferior mesenteric arteries supply the intestines
the vein that drains the veins of the chest wall and epties into the superior vena cava is the azygos vein
The AV node causes ventricular contraction
The descending aorta termiantes at the level of the fourth lumbar vertebra, dividing into two common iliac arteries
Tiny blood vessels that permeate and nourish tissue are called capillaries
the reabsorption of water and electrolytes is the main function of the large intestine
The terminal portion of the large intestine is the anal canal
Which structure is known as the "fatty appron"? greater omentum
The common bile duct is the union of the cystic duct and hepatic duct
the function of the molar teeth is to crush and grind food
mumps occur in the parotid glands
The supporting structure of the male reproductive system is the spermatic cord
Staphylococcus aureus would most likely be transmitted by nose and mouth
Rod-like shaped bacteria are identified microscopically as bacili
What organism is responsible for a boil Staphylococcus aureus
the burn classification that is characterized by a dry, pearly white, or charred-appearing surface is third degree burn
OSHA Is a governmental regulating agency whose aim is to execute requirementes designed to prevent transmission of blood-borne pathogens in the work enviroment
A wound that is infected or one in which there is excessive loss of tissue heals by secondary intention
the type of wound healing that requires debridement is third
a drug that interferes with the blood clotting mechanism is Heparin
An mg is a measurement of weight
The solutios used intravenously to replace plasma when plasma is not available is Dextran
a drug that increase blood pressure epinephrine
the action of an anticholinergic drug is to reduce secretions
Nalaxone (Narcan) is an example of a narcotic
Avitene is a hemostatic
An absorbable gelatin hemostatic agent that is often soked in thrombin or epinephrine solution is Gelfoam
Each of the following agents must be applied using dry gloves or instruments EXCEPT *GELFOAM, collastat, avitene, helistat
An anticoagulant given subcutaneously, intravenously or as a flush is heparin
A drug that decreases the tendency of plood platelets to clot is warfarin sodium
an antibiotic used intraoperatively is Gentamicin
a topical antibiotic is Bacitracin
An osmotic diuretic agent used to decrese cerebral edema and intraocular edema is manitol
A systemic agent used to control uterine hemorrhage is pitocin
Solu-Medrol is an anti-inflammatory
Tubal patency may be tested by the installation of _________ into the uterine cavity methylene blue
A mydriatic drug, Neo-Synephrine, is used to dilate the pupil
Immobility of the eye, along with lowered intra-ocular pressure is facillitated by the use of retrobulbar block
Miochol is a miotic
Heparin effects are reversed by protamine sulfate
Levophed restores and maintains blood pressure
A drug used to trear metabolic acidosis is sodium bicarbonate
Neuroleptoanalgesia combines a tranquilizer and narcotic
The most frequently used barbiturate for intravenous anesthesia is pentothal
Halothane is also called Flouthane
The indication for an epidural would be anorectal, vaginal, perineal and obstetric procedures
Compazine is an antiemetic
Pontocaine is tetracaine HCL
A drug used to reverse hypotension is Levophed
A drug that could be used to reverse the effects of muscle relaxants is Prostigmin
Which piece of ewuipment of extreme importnace when anesthesia induction begins suction
The minimum distance a nonsterile person should remain from a sterile field is 1 foot
Identify which of the following is not safe practice sterile tables may be covered from later use
Tables are considered steril only on the top
At the end of the case, drapes should be checked for instruments, rolled off, and placed in a hamper
if a solution soaks through a sterile drape cover wet area with imprevious sterile drape or towel
The pounds of pressure necessary in a steam sterilizer set at 250oF is 15 - 17
Positive assurance that sterilization conditions have been achieved can only be obtained through biological control test
A wrapped tray of instruments is sterilized in a gravity displacement sterilizer at 250oF for 30 minutes
The minimum exposure time for unwrapped instruments in a flash sterilizer that is set at 270oF (132oC) is 3 minutes
When steam is used to sterilize a rubber tubing or catheter a residual of distilled water should be left inside the lumen
To be sterilized effectively, a linen pack must not weigh more than 12 pounds
gravity displacement utilizes _______ to destroy microorganisms steam
The process called cavitation occurs in the ultrasonic cleaner
All of the following statements regarding instruments sets are true EXCEPT instruments must be placed in perforated trays, heavy instruments are placed ont he bottom, *ALL INSTRUMENTS MUST BE CLOSED, all detachable parts must be disassembled
all of the following statements regarding steam sterilization are true EXCEPT flat packages are placed on the shelf on edge, small packages, placed one on top of the other, are criss-crossed, basins are placed on their sides, * SOLUTIONS MAY BE AUTOCLAVED ALONG WITH OTHER ITEMS AS LONG AS THEY ARE ON A SHELF ALONE
Wrapped basin sets may be sterilized by steam under pressure at 250oF for a minimum of 20 minutes
Which of the following statements regarding the sterilization of basin sets is true basins must be separated by a porous material if they are nested
Why would gas sterilization be chosen over steam sterilization it is less damaging to items
The chemical agent used in gas sterilization is ethylene oxide
What chemical system uses peracetic acid as the sterilant steris
The lumen of a tubing undergoing ethylene oxice (EO) sterilization is dried thoroughly
Why is ethylene oxide diluted with an inert gas such as chloroflurocarbon it provides flame retardation
In a high-speed flash sterilizer, unwrapped instruments are exposed for a minimum of 3 minutes
To kill spores, an item must be immersed in a 2% aqueous solution of glutaraldehyde for 10 hours
"Slow exhaust" in a gravity displacement steam sterilizer is used for solutions
Oil is best sterilized by convection hot air
what is the function of an aerator in EO sterilization it is a separate unit used to decrese the aeration time
Ethylene oxide destroys cells by interfering with the normal metabolism of the protein and reporductive precesses
Activated glutaraldehyde is used to disinfect endoscopes for 20 minutes
when using a high-level disinfectant, always rinse items with sterile distilled water before using
the chemical sterilant used in the STERIS method of sterilizing is peracetic acid
The Endoflush system initially cleans reusable channeled instruments
Which of the following is not an acceptable wrapper for gas sterilizaation nylon
Which of the following is the only acceptable plastic that can be used for a steam sterilization wrapper polypropylene
an item dropped on the floor is considered safe only if it is enclosed in an imprevious material
The room temperature in an OR should be between 68 and 76oF
If an OR staff member wears eyeglasses the glasses should be wiped with an antiseptic solution before each operation
The most effective protection from the radiation of x-rays is a lead apron
It is considered good technique to handle the mask only by the strings
sterile gloves should be wiped off after donning to remove lubricant
electrical cords should be removed from pathways so equipment is not rolled over them
Scatter radiation effects are directly related to amount of radiation and length of exposure time
when using a patient roller, how many people are necessary to move the patient safely and efficiently four
To move the patient from the transport stretcher to the OR table one person stands next to the stretcher, one adjacent to the OR table, while the patien moves over
When moving a patient with a fracture in the OR< all of the following are true EXCEPT extra personnel necessary, SUPPORT OF THE EXTREMITY SHOULD ALWAYS BE FROM BELOW THE SITE OF FRACTURE, lifters on the affected side support the fracture, the surgeon should be present
To avoid compromising the venous circulation, the restraint or safety strap should be placed: 2 inches above the knee
A patient with a fractured femur is being moved to the OR table, who is responsible for supporting and protecting the fracture site? the physician
Crossing the patient's arms across his or her chest may cause interference with respiration
A precaution always taken when the patient is in the supine position is to protect the heels from pressure on the OR table
During lateral position a pillow is placed between the legs
To prevent strain to the lumbosacral muscles and ligaments when the patient is in the lithotomy position: the buttocks must not extend beyond the table edge
When using an armboard, the most important measure is to avoid hyperextension of the arm
Anesthetized patients should be moved slowly to allow the circulatory system to adjust
If the patient is in a supine position, the circulator must always see that the ankles and legs are not crossed
Diastolic blood pressure refers to the relaxation phase between heartbeats
Systolic blood pressure represents the greatest force caused by contraction of the left bentricle of the heart
tachycardia is a(n) heartbeat over 100 beats per minute
the most common artery used to feel the pulse is the radial artery
the body temperature taken orally is 98.6oF what is it in Celsius? 37oC
which term indicates low or decreased blood volume? hupovolemia
If the suregeon wants to assess the patient's ability to void voluntarily via the urethra, yet sees the need for urinary drainage, he could use a Bonanno suprapubic catheter
When catheterizing a patient the tip of the catheter must be kept sterile
in which burn classification are the skin and subcutaneous tissue destroyed third
Uncontrolled increased positive pressure in one side of the thorax causes collapse of the opposite side, which is called mediastinal shift
why is the obese patient at greater surgical risk than one of normal weight fat has poor vascularity
when drawing a blood sample for ABG's what is considered a safe time laps between blood drawing and analysis 10 minutes
The preop urinalysis test done on a patient inidicates that the specific gravity is 1.050 this is above normal range and her or she is dehydrated
A type and crossmatch is done if the surgeons anticipates in advance of the operation that blood loss replacement may be necessary
A patient scheduled for surgery has a hematocrit reading of 40% of whole blood volumen. This is within normal range
Inherited deficiencies of coagulation in which bleeding occurs spontaneously after minor trauma is hemophilia
Preoperative chest x-rays should be done on all surgical patients
An electrocardiogram is an electrical recording of heart activity
After being shceduled in the OR for a routine tonsillectomy, the nurese checking the chart of a patient notes that the hemoglobin is 9.0gr This reading is below normal range
A microscopic blood exam that estimates the percentages of each type of white cell is called a differential blood count
Operative records documenting all aspects of perioperative care are required by JCHO
Except for endotracheal tube installation, basic life support cannot be interrupted for more than 5 seconds
External caridac compression provides oxygen to vital tissues
which action is the responsibility of the scrub person during an intraoperative CPR effort? remain sterile, keep track of counted items, and assist as necessary
A pt was burned on the lip with a hot mouth gag. Which of the following actions would have prevented this incident the scrub nurse cooled the item in a basin with sterile water
a pt signs a permission form for surgery, but because a language barrier he didn't understand what he has signed. This could constitute a liability case for assault and battery
If a pt falls because he was left unattended, the OR team member could be cited in a lawsuit for abandonment
Which is not considered a safe procedure when caring for dentures inadvertently sent to the OR wrap in a plastic bag and attach to the patient's chart
A lack of care or skill that any nurse or tech in the same situation would be expected to use is the leagal definition of negligence
The leagal doctrine that mandates every pfordessional nurese and tech to carry out theoir duties according to the nat. standards of care practiced throughout the country is Doctrine of Resonable Man
The doctrine of Respondeat Superior refers to employer liability for employee's negligent conduct
Liability is a legal rule that holds each individuals responsible for his or her own actions
a criteria that identifies, measures, monitors and evaluates patient care is quality assurance programs
In which way could a patient's response to impending surgery exchibit itself tension and anxiety, fear and suspicion, anger and hostility, ALL OF THE ABOVE
Excessive exposure to radiation can affect the reporductive organs
radiation exposure of the staff is monitored with film badges
ionizing radiation protection is afforded by the use of lead
a potential safety hazard associated with laser surgery is eye injury
An OR hazard that has been linked to increased risk of spontaneous abortion in female OR employees is exposure to waste anesthetic gas
Which virus can be transmitted by a needle puncture or splash in the eye Hepatitis B
While using the mixture, a scavenging system is used to collect and exhaust or absorb its vapors, IT is called methylmethacrylate
The best measure for staff protection against HIV is handling all needles and sharps carefully and using barriers to avoid direct contact with blood and body fluids
Which body organ is most susceptible to laser injury the eye
how is inhalation of the laser plume best prevented with mechanical smoke evacuator or suction with a high efficiency filter
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