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Medical Term Final


Abdominocentesis* *Know Spelling*
Acetylcholine Nurotransmitter
Acromegaly Enlargement of extremities post puberty; pituitary problem
Adenohypophysis Anterior lobe of pituitary gland.
Amnion* Inner most membrane around developing embryo.
Antibody* *Know Spelling*
Astrocytes Glial Cells
Atelectasis* Collapsed Lung *Know Spelling*
Azotemia Uremia
B Cells A lymphocyte not processed by the thymus gland, and responsible for producing antibodies.
Bronchoscopy Example of endoscopic examination
carcin/o Cancer
-cele Hernia
Celiac* Pertaining to the abdomen. *Know Spelling*
-centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
Cerebral* Pertaining to the cerebrum of the brain *Know Spelling*
Cervicitis Leukorrhea
Chalazion Small hard mass on eyelid due to a blocked oil gland.
Coagulation* Process of clotting. *Know Spelling*
Colostomy New opening from large bowel to the surface of body.
Corpus Luteum Ovarian Sac
Creatinine Nitrogenous Waste
Crohn Disease Chronic inflammation of the intestinal tract.
Croup Stridor occurs in an upper respiratory disordered term.
Cushing Syndrome A group of symptoms produce exes cortisol.
Cystocele Hernia of urinary bladder.
Dehydration* Lack of water *Know Spelling*
Dendrite Part of a nerve cell that first receives the nerve impulses.
dia- Through : Complete
Dialysis* *Know Spelling*
Diarrhea* *Know Spelling*
Diastole* Relaxation phase of heart ♡ rate. *Know Spelling*
Dyslexia Disorder of reading, writing and learning.
Dyspepsia Difficulty Digesting
Dyspnea Difficulty Breathing
Episiotomy Incision of perineum during child birth.
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Anticoagulation added to a venous blood to measure distance
Estrogen* Hormone secreted by the ovary *Know Spelling*
Eustachian Tube Channel between the middle ear and nasopharynx.
Fibrinogen* *Know Spelling*
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Hormone produced by an endocrine gland located below the brain.
Gastrectomy* trec = accented syllable
Glial Cells Surround neurons and provide support for and insulation between them. Are the most abundant cell types in the central nervous system.
Glioblastoma Highly malignant brain tumor.
Gynecology* *Know Spelling*
Gyri Elevated portions of the cerebral cortex.
HIV Virus that causes AIDS.
hyper- Excessive: Above: More
Hyperglycemia* High blood pressure *Know Spelling*
Hypertrophy Excessive development
Hypophysectomy* *Know Spelling*
Hypoxemia Condition of decreased oxygen in the blood
Intercostal Pertaining to between the ribs
Karyotype* Photograph of individuals chromosomes *Know Spelling*
Kyphosis* "Humpback" *Know Spelling*
Laryngectomy Removal of the voice box
Laryngoscopy* Viewing or visual of the voice box *Know Spelling*
Larynx "Voice Box"
Lateral Direction of, at, toward, or from the side or sides.
Leukoplakia White patches of mucous membrane.
Leukorrhea Cervitis
-logy Process of study: Study of
Meatus* *Know Spelling*
Menarche First menstrual period
-oid Resembling
Oliguria Scanty urination
Osteomalacia Vitamin D deficiency leads to softening of bones.
Parotid Gland* Salivary gland near the ear *Know Spelling*
-pathy Disease: Condition
Peristalsis Muscular wave like movement to transport food through the digestive system.
Pernicious Anemia* Lack of mature red blood cells to inability to absorb Vitamin B12*Know Spelling*
Pharynx* phar= accented syllable
phren/o Diaphram
Phrenodynia* Pain in the diaphram*Know Spelling*
Pinna* Outer flap of the ear*Know Spelling*
Poikilocytosis Disorder of red blood cell morphology.
poly- Many: Much
Posterior* ter= accented syllable
Presbycusis* Hearing loss towards old age. *Know Spelling*
Progesterone* *Know Spelling*
Psoriasis A skin disease marked by red, itchy, scaly patches.
Psychology* *Know Spelling*
Pyloric Stenosis Narrowing of the opening between stomach and intestines.
ren/o Kidney
-scope Instrument to visually examine.
Semen* Sperm cells and fluid *Know Spelling*
Serum Enzymes (list) 66. C) Creatine. Knanse. Lacate Dehydrogense?
Sialadenolithiasis Presence of stones in salivary glands.
Subungual Pertaining to under nail.
Supination Act of turning palms upward.
Symphysis Bones that grow together, as in the pelvis.
T Cell Lymphocytes Cytotoxic Cells
Thymus Gland* *Know Spelling*
Tinnitus Ringing in the ears
Tonsillitis* *Know Spelling*
viscer/o Internal Organs
Viscera Internal Organs
WBC Differential Leuk. are stained and counted under a microscope to see number of mature and immature formation.
Wilms Tumor Childhood renal carcinoma.
xer/o Dry
Retroperitoneal Behind the abdomen
Posterior Further back in position; of or nearer the rear or hind end
Created by: itsdelis
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