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Reconstruction Vocab

O'Dell's vocab over Reconstruction in the U.S. (Lesson 23)

13th Amendment Amendment to the US Constitution that abolished slavery.
14th Amendment Amendment to the US Constitution making anyone born in the United States a US citizen.
15th Amendment Amendment to the US Constitution that guaranteed the right to vote to all citizens regardless of race.
Poll Tax A fee required in many southern states in order to vote.
Literacy Test A test of reading and writing skills required in many southern states in order to vote.
Property Requirement A law passed in many southern states requiring the ownership of property in order to vote.
Black Codes Laws passed in many southern states aimed at limiting the rights of African Americans (Freedmen).
Jim Crow Laws Laws passed in many southern states that limited the rights of African Americans (Freedmen).
Ku Klux Klan A white supremacist organization that terrorized Freedmen, particularly in the south, after the Civil War.
Sharecropping An agricultural system where land is rented to farm on and repayment takes the form of a share of crops produced by the land instead of cash.
Carpetbaggers Northerners who traveled to the south during Reconstruction to make money off of Reconstruction efforts.
Reconstruction Period of rebuilding in the South after the Civil War
Radical A person with extreme political or religious views
Tariff Tax on imported goods
Ten Percent Plan Lincoln's plan for Reconstructing requiring an oath of loyalty from 10% of former confederate state populations
Freedman's Bureau Organization set up by Radical Republicans to help African Americans after the Civil War
Veto To reject a bill or proposed legislation
Bias A point of view that prevents unprejudiced thought
Amnesty Official policy of friendship that pardoned Confederate leaders
Treason Violation of loyalty to a person's government
Impeach To bring formal charges against
Debt Money owed from one person or group to another person or group
Conspiracy An unlawful plan formulated in secret
Created by: Mr. O'Dell
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