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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Runyan U1 TestReview Civics class Unit 1 review items American Government 2012-09-20 Mr. O'Dell 25 2 edit
Bill o Rights Runyan First ten amendments to the US Constitution - Mr. Runyan, DHS American Government 2012-10-08 Mr. O'Dell 10 0 edit
Runyan DHS Nov Exam Voting, Media, Campaign, Electoral College, Political Parties vs Interest Groups American Government 2012-11-13 Mr. O'Dell 45 1 edit
Runyan DHS Dec Exam House and Senate Info American Government 2012-12-04 Mr. O'Dell 47 1 edit
Runyan DHS DecExam 2 Steps for how a bill becomes a law American Government 2012-12-04 Mr. O'Dell 41 0 edit
Runyan DHS DecExam 3 Committees in Congress Unfinished 2012-12-06 Mr. O'Dell 3 0 edit
Runyan Sem. Final Test questions for Civics Final Exam American Government 2012-12-17 Mr. O'Dell 63 0 edit
DHS McAfee 4-1-14 Palestinian/Israel, Judaism, Islam Test Info. De Soto, World Geography Unfinished 2014-04-01 Mr. O'Dell 27 0 edit
Ch 15 Evolution Voc Batterbee DHS Evolution Chapter 15 Vocabulary Biology 2014-05-01 Mr. O'Dell 20 0 edit
Body Systems O'Dell Functional Science Body Systems Biology 2014-05-16 Mr. O'Dell 11 0 edit
Senior Math U3 Vocab DHS Yarbrough Senior Math Unit 3 Vocabulary Math 2014-10-14 Mr. O'Dell 15 0 edit
Kyle measures Kyle measures practice Culinary Arts 2014-10-22 Mr. O'Dell 9 0 edit
Constitution Test Vocab and ideas through US Constitution History 2016-10-20 Mr. O'Dell 34 2 edit
O'Dell U2 (Ch 5-6) Unit 2 Chapters 5-6 review terms, places, vocab, and people U.S. History 2015-11-04 Mr. O'Dell 33 0 edit
Yancey LINC Voc #2 Vocab for Yancey MTMS Unfinished 2015-11-06 Mr. O'Dell 26 0 edit
O'Dell Ch 7 Terms Terms to study and know for the Chapter 7 Summative test U.S. History 2015-11-18 Mr. O'Dell 20 0 edit
Yancey Linc Voc #3 Vocab for Yancey MTMS English Vocabulary 2015-12-08 Mr. O'Dell 25 0 edit
Ch 8 - The North Vocab, people, and places from Chapter 8. Mr. O'Dell, MTMS, Social Studies U.S. History 2015-12-09 Mr. O'Dell 30 0 edit
Ch 10 - Jackson Age of Jackson. Chapter 10, The American Journey to WW1. O'Dell MTMS U.S. History 2016-01-26 Mr. O'Dell 25 0 edit
Ch 11 Vocab &Things Chapter 11 People, Places, Vocab. MTMS, Mr. O'Dell U.S. History 2016-02-23 Mr. O'Dell 37 1 edit
ISLLC Standards Six ISLLC Standards Standardized Tests 2016-03-14 Mr. O'Dell 6 0 edit
ISLLC Stds-ext SLLA Extended study set for all parts of the ISLLC Standards (SLLA) Standardized Tests 2021-05-08 Mr. O'Dell 183 3 edit
Ch 13 Stack Civil War, O'Dell, MTMS, Chapter 13 U.S. History 2016-04-11 Mr. O'Dell 30 0 edit
O'Dell 15/16 Q's Lesson 15 and 16 review questions for test U.S. History 2017-02-10 Mr. O'Dell 52 0 edit
Lesson 18 - O'Dell Student-generated test questions for Lesson 18 (An Era of Reform) U.S. History 2017-03-08 Mr. O'Dell 25 1 edit
Reconstruction Vocab O'Dell's vocab over Reconstruction in the U.S. (Lesson 23) U.S. History 2017-05-04 Mr. O'Dell 23 9 edit
civics runyan terms1 the first vocab words in Runyan's civics class American Government 2012-09-20 jed1996 21 2 edit
Batterbee Bio U1 Voc Vocabulary for Unit One in Batterbee's Biology class @ DHS Biology 2013-09-02 jed1996 25 4 edit
"50 States/Capitals" "50 States / Capitals" Geography 2023-01-26 trekkienor 50 87 edit
identify microscope Identify parts of a microscope Biology 2013-10-04 alarson1 12 5 edit
Batterbee CH3 ecology Biology 2016-04-03 Batterbee 6 3 edit
Batterbee Ecology ecology Biology 2016-04-03 Batterbee 27 3 edit

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