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105 Unit 3

fasting blood sugar FBS
drawing blood phlebotomy
culture and sensitivity C&S
agents that cause disease pathogens
oral yeast thrush
a portion or well mixed sample removed for testing aliquot
cellular debris that have escapesd and are deposited into tissue exudates
a sac filled with blood hematoma
substances added to a specimen to prevent breakdown preservatives
microscopic exam for the presence or absence of bacteria or yeast wet mount
CBC, ESR lavender
PT, PTT blue
blood typing yellow
glucose, GTT gray
glucose tolerance test GTT
nothing by mouth NPO
arthritic condition caused by high purine diet gout
culture to look for strep or other bacteria in the throat throat culture
bacterial vaginosis BV
to detect Gout, renal failure uric acid
hematocrit Hct
hemoglobin Hgb
the amount of glucose that collects on the RBC's for 3 months Hemoglobin A1C
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