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week 3

female gynocology

how many weeks would a neonate is considered a term newborn between 38 and 42 weeks gestation in a term neonate
what is the opening for the cervical canal named cervical os
how could a woman know that she was ovulating the basal body temperature rises about 0.4 degrees at the time of ovulation and staye elevated until the onset on menstruation
the normal position of the uterus is anteflexion
what is the difference between effacement, crowning, and dilation effecement: thinning of the cervical wall, measured as a percentage from 0% to 100 crowning: top of the fetal head is visable
what is first stool of the newborn called meconium
after_____days of development, the fertilized-----is known as zygote and embyo
which phase in the menstrual cycle would a woman most likely to lose a small amount of blood menstrual phase
what is the most abundant and biologically active female hormone estadio
what is the soft spot on a newborn's head called fontanel
crowning occurs in which stage of labor 2nd stage
how long is the average menstrual cycle 28 days on average
the process of labor and childbirth is known as parturition
the first thick, yellowish fluid produced by the breast after childbirth is called colostrum
what are the ovaries held in place by broad ligament
what is the beginning of menstruation at puberty known as menarche
an Apgar score is done on who and why newborn after delivery
what is woman that has never been pregnant called nulligravida
fallopian tubes or uterine tubes are also called adnexa
what is the process of forming a mature ovum known as oogensis
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