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Top 200 drugs 2012

Abilify Aripiprazole
Accupril Quinapril
Aciphex Rabeprazole
Actonel Resindronate
Actos Pioglitazone
Adderall Amphetamine mixed salts
Advair diskus Salmeterol+fluticasone
Aldactone Spironolactone
Allegra Fexofenadine
Alphagan p Brimonide tartrate
Altace Ramipril
Amaryl Glimepiride
Ambien Zolpidem
Amoxil Amoxicillin
Anaspaz Hyoscyamine sulfate
Antivert Meclizine
Apri Ethinyl estradiol+ desogestel
Aricept Donepezil
Armour thyroid Thyroid tablets
Arthrotec Diclofenac+misoprostol
Astelin Azelastine
Atacand Candesartar cilexetil
Atarax Hydroxynize hci
Ativan Lorazepam
Augmentin Amoxicillin + clavulanate
Avalide Irbesartin + hydrochlorothiazide
Avandia Rosiglitazone
Avapro Irbesartan
Avelox Moxifloxacin
Azmacort ( nasacort) Triamcinolone
Bactrim (ds) Trimethoprime + sulfamethoxazole
Bactroban Mupirocin
Benicar htc Olmesartan medoxomil + hydrochlorothiazide
Bentyl Dicyclomine hydrochloride
Biaxin XL Clarithromycin
Buspar Buspirone
Calan Verapamil
Capex Flucinolone Acetonide
Capoten Captopril
Cardura Doxazosin
Cartia XT Diltiazem
Catapres Clonidine
Cefzil Cefprozil
Celebrex Celecoxib
Celexa Citalopram
Cialis Tadalafil
Clarinex Desloratadine
Cleocin Clindamycin
Cogentin Benztropine
Colchinice Colchicine
Combivent Ipratropium+Albuterol
Concerta Methylphenidate(ADD)
Cordarone Amiodarone
Coreg Carvedilol
Cosopt Dorzolamide+ Timolol
Coumadin Warfarin
Cozaar Losartan
Crestor Rosuvastatin
Cymbalta Duloxetine (depression)
Cytotec Misoprostol(gastric ulcers)
Created by: Yanelir26
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