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Book 3

102 Roles and Functions

Function of comptroller Ms. Smith/Pennington money/ budget
Function of the Legal Officer Ms. McGuiness
Role of N1 Department Administrative Support AO- CPO Simmons, DH- LT Verner Location: 1126 and U132
Function of Command Master-at-Arms PO1 Ferrer
Function of the Command Career Counselor (CCC) PO1 Delgardo Manages enlisted retention
Function of Command Knowledge Manager Ms. Tubide
Special Security Office (SSO) MS. Orr
N2 Department Intelligence 1126 Fishbowl DPO Lang LPO ISC Levan
N3E Department Electronic Warfare
N3O Department Operations Train and Prepare IO deployers 1126
N3C Department Cyber U132 Blue Team
N3S Department OPSEC Mr. Magdalenski 1126
N4 Department Facilities/ Supply Command Logistics
N5 Department IO Planning Mr.Forgey
N6 Department DH- Mr. Babcock DIVO- CWO3 Meyers DLCPO- SCPO Russell N64- ITC Riggenbach
N7 Department Training Training for all commands X-71
N8 Department Doctrine- bill Malone Mission- review IO doctrine and Tactics 2nd floor IWTF
550 CPT bottom BIB 6th fleet
552 CPT Fleet Forces Top BIB
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