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Services Journeymen

What is the purpose of the Air Force Inns? Maintain mission readiness.
If the protocol office manages the business suite reservations, by what time daily will they release rooms to lodging to maximize on-base lodging? 1600
All eligible guests listed as priority 2 are assigned rooms? On a space-available basis.
Which allowance is authorized to partially reimburse a member for added living expenses incurred when it is necessary to occupy temporary lodging incident to a Continental United States (CONUS) permanent change of station (PCS)? Temporary lodging expense (TLE) allowance.
Which lodging entitlement is authorized upon initial arrival at an Outside the continental United States (OCONUS) TDY, permanent duty station (PDS) while waiting for government quarters? Temporary lodging allowance (TLA).
The general manager issues non-availability at the time lodging reservations are requested or not later than what time period after the reservation is made? One duty day
Non-availabilities are issued only when all? Government controlled lodging is occupied.
According to Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34-246, Air Force Lodging Program, the minimum adequacy standards are defined by? Pay grade.
Airmen in the grades of E1-E4 are allowed how many square feet of living space? 90
Basic housekeeping services includes? Dusting and vacuuming as necessary.
What should housekeepers do in addition to providing basic housekeeping service? Display courteous and helpful behavior toward guests and other lodging employers.
General managers should develop a contingency plan that includes how many square feet per person? 50
Which factor determines the operational methods for field lodging? Type of deployment location.
During a contingency, who determines whether personnel are to be billeted by organization or on a first come, first-served basis? Site commander.
In a contingency, how do you account for sleeping bags, cots, or linens that are issued during registration? USAF Readiness Lodging System.
The recommended access road for a field laundry operation is A one-way, circular type traffic pattern.
You should plan for each self-help laundry (SHL) system to support how many people? 200.
What must guests traveling for the purpose of house-hunting show lodging Leave authorization paperwork or a copy of their orders verifying permissive temporary duty (TDY) status.
Guests with guaranteed reservations must check-in by what time the following day before the reservation is cancelled and made available to other guests? 0500.
What type of quarters are transient enlisted aircrew members entitled to Private room/private or shared bath.
What property management system (PMS) product can be used to search and retrieve quest information by name, address, or confirmation number from the property and Central Reservation System (CRS), and guarantee codes? Guest data worksheet.
What Epitome Property Management System (PMS) product allows users to search for accounts using data in any form? A. Query Wizard. Query Wizard.
The front desk backup report contains current information on what area should the lodging computer system go down? Room status.
What information does the occupancy report provide? Use of quarters by officer and enlisted personnel.
When may guests check-in to lodging After 1400 only.
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