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Vocab chapters 12-24

Self Explanatory

Inveterate Always or often doing something specific
Consternation Amazement or disappointment that makes one feel helpless and confused
Clandestinely Done secretly
Remorse Deep painful regret for having done wrong in the past
Succumb To stop trying to resist something
Rendezvous An arranged meeting or gathering place
Assented Agreed or approved something after thinking about it
Sullied Damaged or ruined the good quality of something
Credulous Quick to believe especially without very good reason
Withered To make speechless or incapable of action
Conjectured Formed an opinion or idea without much proof
Lingered Stayed beyond the usual or expected time
Revelation The act of making something known
Ominous Suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future
Plausible Possibley true; Believable or realistic
Culminated Reached its highest point
Soliloquized Talked to oneself out loud about one's feeling
Pang A sudden strong feeling of physical or emosional pain
Transfixed Caused someone to sit or stand without moving because of surprise, shock, interest, etc.
Repentant The action or process of feeling sorry for something bad or wrong that you did and that you want to do what is right
Vanquish Conquer, defeat, overcome
Irresoutely Unable to make up one's mind; Hesitating
Vexation The state of being worried, annoyed, angered, or provoked
Musing Meditative, absorbed in thought
Anatomy Scientific study of living things and the body
Exultation Great happiness and excitement
Lethargy Lack of energy or interest in doing things
Languidly Lacking spirit or energy
Wrath Extreme anger
Perplexity Something confusing and difficult to understand
Vindictive Having or showing a desire to hurt someone who has hurt or caused problems for you
Conspired Secret agreement with someone to do something harmful or illegal
Avenged Harmed or punished someone who has harmed you
Fluctuating Continually changing level, strength, or value
Convalescent Slowly becoming healthy and strong again after illness, injury, etc.
Coveted Wanting something you don't have very much of
Incongruous Strange because of not agreeing with what is usual or expected
Discreet Having or showing good judgement in speech and action
Deposed Testified under oath
Credible Able to be believed; Reasonable to trust
Contemptuous Feeling or showing deep hatred or disapproval
Diffident Not feeling comfortable around people; Lacking confidence
Obliterated Completely destroyed something
Omniscient Having unlimited knowledge or understanding
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