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week two

urine system

Where are the kidneys located located if the retroperitoneal space
Adrenal gland sits on to of what and is like what sit on top of the kidney and is like a cap
Define renal capsule a layer of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the kidney
Define renal pelvis a large, funnel shaped cavity that narrows and becomes the ureter
Where is the bladder located located in the pelvis cavity
Where is a ureter located extends from the renal pelvis of the kidney to the bladder
When an empty bladder collapses into folds, what is this called rugae
What is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body called urethra
What is the functional unit of the kidney nephron
What are other names for eliiminating urine from the body urination, voiding, micturition
What does the bulbouretharal gland do for the male body neutralized the acidity of any urine remaining in the urethra at the time of ejaculation
The bulbourethral gland is also known as cowper's gland
What is another name for forskin prepuce
What is another name for testis testicles, sex glands,male gonads
How many spermatozoa are in a normal ejaculation 100-500 million spermatozoa
What is gland surround the make urethra prostate gland
What is the epididymis responsible for storage and processing area of spermatozoa; destroys defected spermatozoa
Where does spermatozoa and testosterone production take a place seminiferous tubules
Where is semen produced seminal vesicles
An individual mature sperm is called spermatozom
A --- ------- catheter is an indwelling tube with an expandable balloon tip the drains urine continuosly Foley
Condition caused by excessive amounts of the waste product urea in the blood due to renal failure uremia
Patient with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus or malnutrition or marathon runners excrete __________in the urine because the body cannot use or does not have enough glucose and instead metabolizes fut ketones
A decreased amount of potassium in the blood is known as hypokalemia
The________is 12-inch tube that connects the renal pelvis of the kidney to the bladder ureter
The rounded top (dome) of the bladder is known as the fundus
Which of the following carries urine from the renal pelvis the the bladder ureters
The renal pyramids are found in the renal medulla
A kidney stone is also known as calculus
Cystitis is inflammation of the blader
Blood found in the urine may be caused by kidney stone, is called hematuria, may be caused by bladder cancer
Protein found in the urine indicates damage to the glomerulus, is not a normal findidng, is in the form of albumin
A medical procedure in which a flexible tube is inserted through the urethra to drain the bladder is catheterization
An infection anywhere along the urinary tract is abbreviated as UTI
One on the functions of the nephron is to remove _________, a waste product of protein meatbolism urea
____________________, us the general word for kidney disease nephropathy
irreversible chronic renal failure in which there is little remaining kidney function is abbreviated as ESRD end stage renal disease
Involuntary release of urine in an otherwise normal person who should have developed bladder control is known as enuresis
One of the signs of diabetes mellitus is the presence in the urine of_____________, a waste product of fat metabolism ketones
A diagnostic procedure known as__________evaluated the function of the nerves to the bladder cystometry
A medical procedure used to remove waste products from the blood a a patient in renal failure is dialysis hemo
A__________is an instrument used to visualize the bladder cystoscopy
Created by: vpolosukhina
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