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Food Prep/GCSE/Ormerod/Food Provenance/Meats/Fats

Intensive farming (crops) Farming that aims to produce as much as possible.
Trans-fats Unsaturated fatty acids formed by partial hydrogenation of vegetable oil.
Factory farming (live stock) A farm in which animals are bred and fattened using modern industrial methods.
Hydrogenation The process of changing a liquid fat or oil into a solid one at room temperature by the addition of hydrogen.
Cholesterol A fatty substance known as a lipid which is found in the blood and in food.
Free range A method of farming, where for at least part of the day, animals can roam freely.
Farm assured A British organisation that promotes and regulates food.
Environmental impact The impact of human activities on the natural environment.
Sustainability Describes human activity that is not harmful to the environment and does not deplete natural resources, thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.
Traceability The ability to track any food through all stages of production, processing and distribution.
Food chain A series of processes by which food is grown, produced and eventually consumed.
Monounsaturated fat Containing only one double bond per molecule.
Polyunsaturated fat Containing more than one double bond per molecule.
Omega – 3 & Omega - 6 Types of polyunsaturated fatty acid the body cannot make itself.
Connective tissue Tissue which binds together, connects or surrounds body parts.
Collagen The most abundant protein in the meat and the substance that hold the whole body together.
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