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A & M

Anatomy and Medical Terminology

Which of the following is NOT a function of skin acts as a gland by synthesizing vitamin A
Which layer is NOT considered part of the skin hypodermis
Which of the following is true of the stratum germinativum it lies on top pf the dermis and has access to a rich supply of blood
Which of the following best describes psoriasis a chronic condition characterized by red, dry, elevated lesions, covered by silvery scales
Muscle is attached to bone by what method tendons, aponeurosis and directly to bone
What is affected by myasthenia gravis neuromuscular junction
Which bone(s) have trochanters femur
What is the great toe called hallux
What is a function of the alveoli in the lungs oxygen exchange
Through which vessel is oxygenated blood returned to the heart from the lungs pulmonary vein
Which respiratory structure is comprised of cartilage and ligaments trachea
How many lobes make up the right lung three
A myocardial infarction is lack of oxygen to the heart tissue, resulting in tissue death
Which of the following does NOT circulate fluids throughout the body endocrine system
An abdominal aortic aneurysm is significant because it is a weakness in a large artery and rupture can be deadly
What chamber of the heart is considered the one working the hardest left atrium
Which of the following best describes constituent components of the human lymphatic system lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, spleen, thoracic duct
The term "hemic" specifically refers to what bodily fluid blood
What distinguishes a "sentinel" node from other lymph nodes a sentinel node is the first lymph node in a group of nodes to be reached by metastasizing cancer cells
The mediastinum contains all of the following except lungs
The term "pneumomediastinum" describes what condition the presence of air in the mediastinum
Which of the following is NOT true of the thoracic diaphragm it is frequent site of a Spigelian (lateral ventral) hernia
Upon leaving the stomach, nutrients move through the small intestine in what order duodenum, jejunum, ileum
Upon leaving the last portion of the small intestine, nutrients move through the large intestine in what order cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum, anus
The splenic (left colic) flexure lies in the upper left quadrant, between what two portions of the large intestine the transverse and descending colon
In order, starting with the innermost layer, what are the four walls of the digestive tract mucosa, submucosa, muscle, serosa
Urine is transported from the kidneys to the urinary bladder by which structure ureter
The loop of Henle is located in which structure kidney
What is Bowman's capsule c-shaped structure partially surrounding the glomerulus
The structure of the male anatomy carrying sperm out of the epididymis is called vas deferens
What is the function of the Cowper's glands helps lubricate the urethra
A part of the male genital system sitting below the urinary bladder and surrounding the urethra is called prostate
What is endometriosis when the endometrium grows outside of the uterus
If a woman has a pap smear performed by her gynecologist, what part of the female anatomy is involved cervix
The corpus luteum secretes progesterone. What is an effect of this secretion Thickens the endometrium for implantation and is necessary to sustain pregnancy
An ectopic pregnancy is a complication in which the fertilized ovum is implanted in any tissue other than the uterine wall
What is vernix caseosa a white cheese like substance covering the lanugo
The term "episiotomy" best describe a procedure of what type an incision made in the perineum to enlarge the passage for the fetus during delivery
Which gland is located on the superior surface of the kidney adrenal gland
What is the function of the thyroid gland it secretes hormones regulating body metabolism and blood calcium
Which cells produce hormones to regulate blood sugar pancreatic islets
Which part of the brain controls blood pressure, heart rate and respiration medulla
What are chemicals which relay, amplify and modulate signals between a neuron and another cell neurotransmitters
Which of the following conditions results from an injury to the head ? The symptoms include headache, dizziness and vomiting concussion
Lacrimal glands are responsible for which of the following production of tears
Which of the following does NOT contribute to refraction in the eye macula
A patient diagnosed with glaucoma has abnormally high intraocular pressure
Which of the following is true about the tympanic membrane it separates the external ear from the middle ear
Which of the following is true about the function of the cochlea
Which of the following are auditory ossicles stapes and incus
A surgeon performs an "escharotomy" This procedure is best described as incision into a burn in order to lessen its pull on the surrounding tissue
Where would a subungual hematoma be located under the toenail/ fingernail
Impetigo is best described as a bacterial skin infection
Pronation is turning the hand to have the palm face downward
Which of the following characterizes the disorder " dystonia" abnormal muscle tone causing abnormal postures and muscle spasm
Arthritis is an inflammation of what joint
The dome-shape muscle under the lungs flattening during inspiration is the diaphragm
A respiratory disease characterized by overexpansion and destruction of the alveoli is identified as emphysema
The word describing the presence of blood in the pleural cavity is hemothorax
A thin membrane lining the chambers of the heart and valves is called the endocardium
A procedure widening a narrowed vessel or obstructed blood vessel is called a (n) angioplasty
Restriction of blood supply, commonly due to factors in the blood vessel, that can result in damage or dysfunction of tissue is know as ischemia
Splenorrhaphy is described as suture of a ruptured spleen
A deficiency of cells in the blood is defined as cytopenia
Bone marrow harvesting is a procedure to obtain bone marrow from a donor. Bone marrow collected from a close relative is allogenic
This is a procedure to visualize the contents of the mediastinum Mediastinoscopy
The operative overlapping of tissue to repair a defect in the diaphragm is called imbrication
The root word for mouth is stomat/o
A surgical procedure creating an opening into the jejunum is defined as a jejunostomy
Inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity and covering the abdominal organs is called peritonitis
Excessive potassium in the blood is referred to as hyperkalemia
Removal of waste products from the blood is hemodialysis
A patient is diagnosed with inflammation of the testis and epididymis. The medical term for this condition is orchiepididymitis
What condition results from failure of the testis to descend into scrotum cryptorchidism
A vesiculotomy is defined as surgical cutting into the seminal vesicles
A Bartholin's gland cyst may treated by "marsupialization". This treatment is described as create an opening to the gland and suture the cut edges to form a pouch
Destruction of lesions of the vulva can be done with "cryosurgery". This method uses extreme cold
What term describes a woman in her first pregnancy primigravida
A form of milk produced the first few days after giving birth is colostrum
Melasma is defined as brownish pigmentation appearing on the face during pregnancy
A condition where the thyroid is overactive is called thyrotoxicosis
The root for pertaining to pancreatic islet cells is Insul/o
Adrenomegaly is defined as enlargement of the adrenal gland
Select the term to describe destruction of a nerve or nervous tissue neurolysis
The term for a shaking or involuntary movement is tremor
A meningioma is defined as tumor of the meninges
The meaning of the root " myring/o" is tympanic membrane
What is the Rinne Test test measuring hearing using bone conduction and air conduction
The term for pain in the ear is otalgia
A dacryocystectomy describes excision of the lacrimal sac
The meaning of the root "blephar/o" is eyelid
The meaning of heteropsia (or anisometropia) is unequal vision in the two eyes
The radiology term " flouroscopy" is described as an x-ray procedure allowing the visualization of internal organs in motion
Sialography is an x-ray of salivary glands
A projection is the path of the x-ray beam. If the projection is front to back it would be anteroposterior
Cytopathology is the study of cells
The process of preserving cells or whole tissues at extremely low temperatures is known as cryopreservation
A gonioscopy is an examination of what part of the eye Anterior chamber of the eye
A diagnostic tool in sleep medicine is polysomnography
Intrathecal injection is administered into the subarachnoid space
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