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fall of the Berlin Wall -after many protests by East Germans, the communist east German government opened its border w/ west Germany -led to the reunification of east and west germany
Maastricht Treaty -Treaty creating the European Union to more deeply unite the European Community economically -Created a single currency for the EU called the Euro
the European Community/EC -Primarily economic union of European nations - turned into the European Union with the Maastricht Treaty and the creation of the members sole currency, the euro
Yugoslavia -nation of multiple nationalities combined after WW I but faced many separatist desires -Was taken control of by Milosevic who fought primarily for Serbians
Bosnia -Declared itself independent of Yugoslavia, but faced attacks from the Serb controlled Yugoslavia, and was later divided into lossely structured republics -many Bosnian were murdered by Yugoslavian forces
Slobodan Milosevic and "ethnic cleansing" -Serbian leader of Yugoslavia -ethnic cleansing was the mass murder or removal from land of Bosnian Muslims or other targets of Yugoslavia
Kosovo -Was a sacred location for the Albanians (a minority) which led to their defense of it from Serbian Yugoslavia -Was given to the Albanians when NATO forced Yugoslavia to agree
Christian and Islamic Fundamentalism -Strict following of the Bible above social norms in Christian fundamentalism, leading to electing government officials who go with christian policies -In Islam was going back to traditional Islam and included radical islam
Pope John Paul II -Helped spread Catholicism to the beyond Europe and the America's -Had more conservative views and suported peace
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