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Stack #25125

Mod G Unit 3 Words Thompson Institute hbg

cac- bad
dia- through
trans- across, through
anter/o before
super- , super/o above
proxim/o near
inguin/o groin
cervic/o neck
exacerbat/o aggravate
end-, endo within, inner
cut-, cutane/o skin
poster/o back
infer/o below
dist/o away from
lumb/o loins, lower back
sacr/o sacrum
therm/o heat
tract/o pathway
-exia, -exis cut out
massage rubbing
caudal towards the feet
cephalic head
transcutaneous any medical procedure that is performed through the skin
electrode the pads that transverse the electrical current between two poles
contiguous placement placement of electrodes along side an area of pain
endorphins a painkilling substance
cachexia state of ill health, malnutrition, and wasting away
diathermy therapeutic use of a high-frequency current to generate heat within some part of the body
traction process of pulling
countertraction the force opposing traction
intermittent traction traction being applied in intervals
exacerbation worsening of condition
lumbosacral lower back
cervical pertaining to the neck
hydrotherapy therapeutic usage of water
buoyant float
anterior before, in front of
posterior pertaining to the back of the body
superior toward the head
inferior below, towards the feet
proximal near the midline of point of origin of the body
distal farthest from the point of origin of a body part
inguinal pertaining to the groin area
lumbar pertaining to the right & left regions of the middle sections of the abdomen
Created by: shady123