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What joint has little movement and is a solid joint? Synarthroses
Synarthroses has what 2 categories?
Fibrous Joint and Cartilaginous Joint
Bones connected by a solid mass of connective tissue proper is? Fibrous Joint
Bones connected by a solid mass of cartilage is? Cartilaginous Joint
Fibrous Joint is also a solid chunck of ________ Collagen
Cartilaginous Joint is also a solid chunck of _________. Cartilage
Bones connected by a hollow sleeve of connective tissue proper is a? Diarthrosis or Synovial Joint
What joint has lots of movement? Diarthrosis or Synovial Joint
The joint in the middle filled with collagen and cartilage and has little movement is the? Synarthroses
The joint that is hallow and has lots of movement is the? Diarthrosis or Synovial Joint
What are the 3 types of Fibrous Joint? 1. Interosseous Membrane 2. Syndesmosis or Gomphosis 3. Suture
The bones joined by sheets of dense connective tissue is? Interosseous Membrane
What joint is located in between the crus & forearm, ulna & radius, tibia & fibula Interosseous Membrane
The bones joined by bands or thin layers of dense connective tissue is? Syndesmosis or Gomphosis
What joint holds teeth in place? Syndesmosis or Gomphosis
What joint holds skull bones together? Suture
What joint allows groth, is a shock absorber and close bony junctions with minimal amounts of connective tissue? Suture
Cartilaginous Joint has 2 types of joints, what ate they? Synchondrosis and symphysis
The growth plate in developing bones is the? Synchondrosis
Synchondrosis is made of _________. Hyaline
__________ is fibrocartilage and absorbs shock. Symphysis
What joint has the Epiphyseal growth plate? Synchondrosis
What joint is in between each intervertebral disc and the symphysis pubis? Symphysis
What joint has little movement and is solid? Synchondrosis
Fibrous is held together by? Collagen
Interosseous Membrane, Syndesmosis or Gomphosis and suture are all part of the? Fibrous Joint
___________ is held together by cartilage. Cartilaginous
Synchondrosis and Symphysis are part of? Cartilaginous
Diarthrosis moves a lot and is hallow, what isthe other name? Synovial Joint
What joint is the most common? Synovial
What is the outer layer, is connected to periosteum and is made of dense irregular connective tissue? Fibrous membrane
The fibrous outer layer of the synovial joint capsule is? Fibrous membrane
Loose connective tissue inner layer of the synovial joint capsule is? Synovial Membrane
What is connected to the articular cartilage, is the Internet year of the synovial joint, has loose connective tissue, and the synovial Membrane secretes synovial fluid? Synovial Membrane
If it has Lubricating fluid, is produced by cells of the synovial membrane and it reduces friction between the moving bones, what is it? Synovial Fluid
What synovial joints in the body has Cartilaginous structures that add functionally to the joints? Meniscus
Ligaments are made of? Dense Regular Connective Tissue
What dense regular connective tissue connects bone to bone? Ligaments
A _____ _______ is a small sac-like structure interposed between structures that generate significant amounts of friction. Synovial Bursar
What comes in a variety of forms and are integral parts of joints? Ligaments
What do you call a little bag of synovial bursa? Bursae
What does bursaemean? Between tissues
Where is bursae located? All over except the head
What is the function of bursae? Reduces friction between neighboring tissues
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