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civil produce/law

plaintiff a person who brings a case against another in a court of law
defendant an individual, company, or institution sued or accused in a court of law
judge a public official appointed to decide cases in a court of law
court reporter a person employed to transcribe speech from legal proceedings, typically via stenography
pleading a formal statement of the cause of an action or defense.
complaint statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable
damages physical harm caused to something in such a way as to impair its value, usefulness, or normal function
clear and convincing that the party must present evidence that leaves you with a firm belief or conviction that it is highly probable that the factual contentions of the claim or defense are true
prima facie based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise.
jurisdiction the official power to make legal decisions and judgments
venue the county or district within which a criminal or civil case must be heard
discovery the compulsory disclosure, by a party to an action, of relevant documents referred to by the other party
liability the state of being responsible for something, especially by law
contract a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law
tort a wrongful act or an infringement of a right (other than under contract) leading to civil legal liability.
Created by: Joshua Johnson 1