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Muscles definitions

Ankly/o stiffness, bent, crooked
Chondr/o cartilage
my/o muscle
Sprain stretching or tearing to a ligament; usually caused by overstretching the muscle. treatment is rest, ice, compression, elevation
Strain injury to a muscle or tendon; usually from playing sports. treatment is
Intercostal muscles contracts and expands and lower the ribs during breathing. muscles between the ribs
Cervicofacial pertaining to neck and face/ affecting
Achilles Tendon foot and ankle
Ankylosis immobility of a joint
Myasthemia Gravis chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease. varying weakness of the skeletal or voluntary muscles of the body. primary symptom is muscle weakness. can lead to productive lives and can control it
CTS carpal tunnel syndrome
Contracture shortening and hardening of muscles
R.A Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rotator Cuff injuries damage to the capsule of shoulder joint. treatment includes rest, NSAID's splinting, pt, serverity may require surgery
Tetanus fatal infectious disease caused by bacteria in soil, dust, manure.
Fibromyalgia disorder widespread/musculoskeletal pain and fatigue. over 3million individuals in the US 18 trigger or tendon points for diagnosis no cure
Shin Splints inflammation of the periosteum and extensor muscle of lower leg and surrounding tissues. cause pain walking or moving lower leg
Smooth Muscle involuntary muscle/spindle shape cell found in respiratory and urine tract
Cardia Muscle found in the heart both striated and involuntary. cells form network of branching fibers.
Skeletal Muscle voluntary or striated muscle controlled consciously skeletal movement attached to the bones of the body
Frontalis raises the eyebrows
Zygomaticus pulls up corners of the mouth (makes you smile)
Deltoid abduction and extension of the arm at shoulder
Sternocleidomastoid pulls head from side to side and to chest
Latissimus dorsi adduction and inward rotation of arm
brachioradialis flexes the forearm at the elbow
pronator teres flexes forearm medially
peroneus helps plant the feet
flexor digitorum profundus flexes distal joints of fingers not thumb
rectus abdominis flexes the vertebral column and compress abdominal walls
gluteusmaximus extends the thigh
infraspinatus rotates the arm laterally
tricepsbrachii extends arm at elbow
hemi one half
quadri four
cyte cell
genesis forming, producing, orgin
osis abnormal condition
plasty surgical repair
plegia paralysis
rraphy suture
rrhexis rupture
tomy incision
lumb/o loins lower back
tend/o tendon
tendin/o inflammation of tendon
soleus flexes the foot to point the toes downward
ganglion cyst cyst develops in joint or tendon. very painful removal by suction of fluid
atrophy loss of muscle mass and strength wasting away can be secondary to primary disease or disorder such as spinal cord
fasci/o membrane supporting and separating muscles
fabr/o fiber, fibrous, tissue
itis inflammation
oma tumor
al, ac, ar, ic, pertaining to
dist far, farthest
toxic poison
proxim/o near, nearest
infer/o lower, below
algia pain
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