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Mikhail Gorbachev -Soviet prime minister planning to make communist ideas more realistic -ended up granting more individual and political freedoms -disassociated government and political parties
perestroika and glasnost -updated soviet economics, political and economic freedoms - helped repair the government by allowing individuals to report issues.
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics -aka the soviet union -last leader was Gorbachev, who was brought down by Yeltsin and his followers.
Boris Yeltsin -arrested Gorbachev and brought about the fall of the soviet union, w/ him as the new leader in Russia -Created a new, unstable Russia, but resigned to allow Vladimir Putin to take control.
common wealth of independent States -loose union of some of the previous members of the soviet union -mostly symbolically tying other nations together with Russia
Chechyna -group of Muslim people seeking national independence from Russia -Fought against Russia and exposed the weakness of its army
Vladimir Putin -leader of Russia after Yeltsin resigned -vowed to give Russia a more assertive central power
Lech Walesa and Solidarity -solidarity coalition was the newly elected group to form a new government -First polish president after the USSR crumbled
Vaclav Havel -president of Czechoslovakia after the fall of its communist government. -influential spokesman for democracy in western europe
Czech Republic and Slovakia -ethnic divisions in Czechoslovakia led to disagreement -solved by a peaceful division into the Czech Republic and Slovakia
France's Francois Mitterrand -socialist president of France -focused on economic difficulties, but mostly failed
the European Union/EU -updated version of the League of Nations -included USA and was successful enough to still be around today
Ronald Reagan and the Cold War -republican US president increasing military size and cutting taxes and budgets -tripled government debt
George H. W. Bush and the "New World Order" -Bush's view of future peaceful interactions across the world -optimistic view of end of cold war
Baader-Meinhof gang/Red Army Faction -terrorist group in Germany -sought to bring down capialism
the "evil empire"
Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)/"Star Wars"
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