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prone lies face down
supine lies face up
caudal towards feet
decubitus lying down
intraarticular within a joint space
intrathecal injection through the sheath, or outer covering of spinal cord
modality type of treatment: surgery or chemotherapy
attenuation send signals from one point to another
ejection fraction ptc of blood leave the heart per contraction
lumen inner hollow space of a vessel
wall motion abnormality in heart mussel seen
BPH hypertrophy, prostate, benign
Arthrocentesis aspiration or injection with a needle involving a joint.
CBC complete blood count
TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
HB A1C glycosylated a1c
GFR test function of kidney
BUN blood urea nitrogen-kidney
H&H hematocrit and hemoglobin - anemia
HGB hemoglobin test - anemia
in vivo - transcutaneous test is done without a needle - through unbroken skin
hemoglobin carry oxygen from lungs to body, return carbon dioxide back to lungs
embryo fertilized egg
bilirubin waste of body RBC
oocyte a cell in ovary
hematuria blood in the urine
GTT glucose tolerance test
hypoglycemia low blood sugar
hyperglycemia episode of high blood sugar
postmortem after death
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