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MA Exam Study Guide

Tachycardia Rapid/ fast heart rate (over 100 BPM)
Bradycardia Slow heart rate (Below 60 BPM)
Afebrile No fever
Febrile Fever
Nosocomial An infection contracted while in the hospital
Alopecia Baldness
Thrombus Blood clot
Opiate Medication for pain
Emesis Vomiting
Emetic Drug to induce vomiting
Antiemetic Medication to reduce vomiting
Dysuria Painful urination (Urine sample is checked with chemistry)
Hematuria Blood in urine
Polydipsia Excessive thirst (symptom of diabetes ) - order a HbA1C
Polyuria Frequent urination (symptom of diabetes) - order a HbA1C
Menarche First menstruation
HbA1C blood test for diabetic patients
POL Physician's Office Laboratory
Amniocentesis Surgical puncture that removes amniotic fluid to evaluate the fetus.
Invasion of privacy Example is entering a patient's room without permission.
Proper asepsis technique Reduce the risk of contamination and the spread of bacteria.
Disinfectant of BP cuffs Help destroy microorganisms
Patient's Bill of Rights violation to leave test results by the fax machine.
If you find sterile packs that are not dated what should you do? Reprocess them
How to convert from pounds to kilograms Divide the number of pounds by 2.2
IM injection needle gauge 22-25
How many ml is equal to 1sp 5ml is equal to 1tsp (teaspoon)
Ophthalmoscope Used for an eye exam for contact lenses.
Anthropometric measurements Used for growth charts
MMR vaccine on a 5 year old Deltoid at a 45 degree angle
Infant location for an IM injection Vastus lateralis, 23-25 gauge, 7/8 - 1" needle
What do you do if a parent calls to report a child has drank poison? Advise them to call poison control
Reinforcing teaching patients will help Patient compliance
What are high quality lab tests? CLIA waved tests (a medical assistant can perform)
What do you need to see when checking out a patient ? The encounter form, to know if they need another appointment
Cluster scheduling When scheduling several patients for the same type of problem in the same block of time
What should you verify when scheduling a new patient? Insurance benefits
When scheduling outpatient surgery what should you obtain? Any diagnostic test results prior to the surgery for the doctor.
To be compliant with HIPAA All patients must get a Notice of Privacy Practice to sign
To prepare a claim Obtain data from the patient record
Created by: Sehar1197
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