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Procedures for transmission and handling of Privacy Act Information Transmitted via encrypted email Shred documents which contain PII Don't release without written consent
Investigation Adjunction Process Process of interviewing and reviewing records performed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
SAER Official report of a security violation or incident which could result in the removal of access
Appeals Process of appealing the decision of DoNCAF
LOI (Letter of Intent) Used to notify a person their clearance is going to be revoked
LOD (Letter of Denial) Used to notify that access has been officially denied to classified information
JCAVS (Joint Clearance and Access Verification System) used to verify access levels of an individual
Purpose of SF 86 Background investigation
Purpose of DD Form 1847-1 Non-Disclosure Statement held for 99 years Legal Document
Purpose of Adjunct Faculty Program Uses subject matter experts to meet global training needs Part/Full time instructors
Minimum DLPT score for CTI L2/R2 E1-E8 pay grades
Language Cat 1 French
Language Cat 2 German, Indonesian
Language Cat 3 Hebrew, Hindi, Persian Farsi
Language Cat 4 Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Emergency Destruction Priority 1 All cryptographic equipment and documents
Emergency Destruction Priority 2 All operational SCI communications intelligence material
Emergency Destruction Priority 3 Less sensitive administrative SCI material and collateral material
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