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What are the three factors that must be considered when scheduling appointments? The three factors are the patients' needs, tyhe provider' habits and preferences, and the availability of rooms and equipment in the facility
What are three strategies for preventing no-shows? Straegies for preventing no-shows include automated call routing, appointment cards, and confirmation calls.
What steps should the MAA take when scheduling outpatient test or procedures? The MAA must have written documentation from the provider authoring the procedure. In some cases, preauthorization from the patient's insurance is needed. Then schedule the test or procedure with the facility & let the patient know about the arrangements.
What is the difference between wave booking and stream/time-specific scheduling? Wave booking is when multiple patients are scheduled at the same time and seen on a first-come first-served basis. Stream/time-specific scheduling is when the patients are scheduled at a set time.
What are the three advantages of computer scheduling? Computer systems have the capacity to display available and scheduled times, as well as length and type of appointment required and day or time preferences. Computer systems also can track future appointments.
When are patients scheduled in wave booking? wave booking schedules all patients at the same time each hour to create short-term flexibility each hour.
How are patients scheduled in cluster or categorization booking? Cluster or categorization booking refers to booking different times of the day for specific kinds of patients.
When scheduling appointments, what factors need to be taken into account? The needs of the patient, the habits and preferences of the provider, and the capacity of the facility.
An office schedules appointments every 20 minutes, with 30 minute blocked off for lunch. However, the provider usually spends 30 minutes with each patient and takes 20 minutes for lunch. The waiting room is usually full. How could the office run smoothly? One way to handle this situation is to set up a meeting with the provider to go over scheduling options.
True or False? Medical practices never charge for no-shows? FALSE
Why is automated call routing a good strategy for preventing no-shows? Gives the patient the option to confirm or cancel the appointment.
A patient was scheduled for an appointment, but the docter was called away due to an emergency. How should the MAA handle the situation? Patients scheduled for later in the day need to be called and rescheduled.
Why is it important to document no-shows? Preauthorization is a formal approval from the insurance company that it will cover the test or procedure. If the insurance company requires this and it is not done, the patient runs the risk of having to pay the full amount for the procedure .
Why is it important to get preauthorization if the patient's insurance requires you to do so? By documenting no-shows, the MAA provides the provider with information about a patient that may warrant further action.
What are the two kinds of coding systems and how are they used? (ICD-9-CM) (ICD-10-CM) Track a patients diagnosis and clinical history.
Name three types of information that fall under the heading "demographics" Three types of information under the heading "demographics"
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