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ICD-9 Coding


A Patient is admitted with sickle cell thalassemia with vaso-occlusive pain. The patient has a cxr and is r/o for acute chest syndrome. The patient has hd a hip replacement for avascular necrosis. What codes are applicable 282.42, V43.64
A patient is admitted with neutropenic fever. The patient has been receiving chemotherapy for AML. No source of infection is identified and it is thought that the patient's neutropenia is due to chemotherapy. The patient is discharged home. Assign codes. 288.03, 780.6, 205.00 E9331
A patient is admitted to the hospital w/ARF duet to dehydration. The patient is treated with IV fluids and has a medical history of mtral valve requrgitation & CAD. The patient has had a PTCA w/stent placement in the past. Assign codes. 584.9, 276.51, 424.0, 414.01, V45.82
A patient is admitted with acute pyelonephritis. The patient has a history of emphysema and is on home oxygen. Blood cultures are negitive, but urine cultures are positive for E. coli. The patient is treated with IV fluids and antibiotics. Assign codes. 590.10, 041.4, 492.8, V46.2
A patient is admitted thru the ER w/DKA and dehydration. The patient has a history of diabetic polyneuropathy & GERD. The patient is treated and stable for discharge in 2 days. Assign codes 250.13, 276.2, 276.51, 250.61, 357.2, 530.81, V58.67
A patient is admitted due to cystic fibrosis w/pulmonary exacerbation. Sputum cultures grow pseudomonas, and antibiotics are adjusted accordingly. The patient is also dehydrated and hypernatremic. Assign codes. 277.02, 041.7, 276.0
Asymptomatic HIV V08
Screening for HIV V69.8
Diaper rash due to candidiasis 691.0, 112.8
Suspected carrier of group B strep V02.51
A patient is admitted with bacterial pneumonia. 3 daus after admission the patient spikes a fever & becomes hypotensive. Blood cultures reveal staphylococcal sepsis. Patient has a past history of COPD. 482.9, 496
A patient is admitted w/difficulty swallowing and is HIV positive. An EGD was performed revealing candidal esophagitis and hiatal hernia. Patient was treated and discharded home in stable condition. 042, 45.13, 112.84, 553.3
Acute delirium resulting from pneumonia due to hemophilus influenzae. 482.2, 293.0
Alcoholic withdrawal hallucinosis due to chronic alcoholism 291.3, 303.91
Elevated glucose tolerance test 790.22
Pneumonia due to Staphylococcus; resistant to penicillin 482.49, V09.0
Burkitt's tumor of inguinal region associated w/AIDS 042, 200.25
Patient seen in Dr. office complaining of chest pain, probable costochondritis. 786.50
Severe vertigo, lf. temporal headache & nausea 780.4, 784.0, 787.02
Snoflake cataract, DM type 1 uncontrolled. 250.53, 366.41
Post op anemia 285.9
Allergic vasculitis 287.0
Bandemia 288.66
Ultrasound shows small kidneys, bilaterally 589.1
Irradiation cystitis 595.82, E879.2
Intrinsic sphincter deficiency with urinary incontinence, with inseration of artificial bladder sphincter 599.82, 788.30, 58.93
Benign hyperplasia of the prostate with nocturia times 3 600.21, 788.43
Patient admitted with thrombocytopenia & coagulopathy due to cirrhosis of the liver and alcoholism. The patient receives platelet transfusion & Vit K. The patient's blood count improves before the patient is discharged. 287.4, 286.7303.90, 571.2, 99.05
A patient is admitted with sickle cell Hb-C crisis with acute chest syndrome. The patient tx with an exchange transfusion & pain medications. The patient has chronic pain due to avascular necrosis of the lt. shoulder. 282.64, 517.3, 99.01, 338.29,733.41
A patient is admitted with hematuria and renal colic. Renal us shows a UPJ stone w/hydronephrosis. Pt has a ESWL performed. Pt has a hx of UTIs and Parkinson's disease 98.51, 332.0, 591, 592.0, V13.02
Graves isease w/thyrotoxic crisis 242.01
Iritis due to diabetes type 2, out of control 250.52, 364.42
Waldenstrom's hypergammaglobulinemia 273.0
Familial hypercholesterolemia 272.0
Created by: teresec
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