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Unit VIII G5 & G6

Unit VIII G5

"phony war" -period of time in which no battles occurred in the war -ended when Germany invaded Denmark and Norway
Maginot Line -French wall of defense on it's border with Germany -was believed to avoid German invasion
"miracle of Dunkirk" -evacuation of allies from the beaches of Dunkirk -allowed hundreds of thousands of troops to escape
Winston Churchill -Prime Minister of England during WWII -elected after previous prime minister focused on apeasement
Battle of Britain -The air invasion of Britain by Germany -originally attacking military posts, but failed when they changed directions and attacked cities
Pearl Harbor -preemptive strike of Japanese on Pearl Harbor (Hawaii, USA) -resulted in US declaring war on Japan
Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere -The Japanese controlled islands occupied and controlled by Japan. -Used to give Japan resources for the war
Grand Alliance -side against the Axis powers -Included USA, USSR, and Great Britain
Erwin Rommel -German General sent to North Africa after the defeat of Italian troops there -accompanied by Afrika Corp, although they never fully controlled north Africa
Afrika Corp -German military sent to take control of North Africa -Was able to break through British defense in Egypt, but never fully control North Africa
Battle of Midway
Normandy -aka D-day was the invasion of Great Britain and USA on German controlled France -Invasion on coast of France from sea which was the largest seaborne invasion in history
Battle of Kursk
The Holocaust -Mass murder and mistreatment of Jews by Nazi Germany in WWII. -responsible for the deaths of 6 million+ Jews and strongly supported by Adolf Hitler
Final Solution
Auschwitz -largest death camp of the holocaust where majority of Jews were killed -a part of Hitler's antisemitist initiative
Wannsee Conference
gas chambers
the Blitz
Allied Strategic Bombing Survey
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Manhattan Project
Big Three
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