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Hitt 1211 Chapter 8

Health Information System

what does SpringCharts automatically default in the Close field of the Letter Template? Sincerely
If a user selects a template for a letter to a patient, which of the following are added automatically by SpringCharts? ALL OF THESE: The patient name, address, and greeting
What are the three types of templates in SpringCharts template manager? OV Template, Letter Template, Order Template
Templates can be created and customized to accomplish which of the following? Minimize the amount of data to be added when working in the program
Which of the following are used to ensure that complete and consistent information about procedures including their potential risks and complications is provided to all patients? Procedure Template
In which area of the medical office are templates useful? Both Clerical and clinical
Which of the following is a reason templates are incorporated in EHR program? All of these: Reduce time, Improve efficiency, Ensure accuracy
When building an OV template how is the template typically named? By the Chief Complaint
Why has Spring Medical Systems Inc. created multiple groups of templates? For different medical specialties
Which of the following features is included with SpringCharts template feature? All of these: Pre-built office visit templates, letter templates, Pop-up text tailored to each medical specialty
Which of the following templates is created for the most common encounters and is designed to fit approximately 90% or more of patients? Office Visit Template
When inserting a letter template, how can a user revise the letter? The user may use line items from the pop-up text window
Order templates are used in what screen(s)? Both in the patient chart screen and office visit screen
Which of the following is a document that is pre-designed with a set format and structure? Template
The template manager includes which of the following template types? All of these: Office visit notes, Orders, Letters
If the Order templates are used in the OV screen which of the following will automatically be added to the order form from the OV note? Both diagnosis and ordered tests
If a patient is minor to whom does the provider describe the procedure's potential complications and risks to the patient? The patient's parent or guardian
Which form of data input can be used when creating templates? All of these: Typing, Selection from pop-up text, Handwriting recognition on tablet PC
Where are copies of all created letters automatically saved for each patient? In the Patient's Chart
Which of the following screens should a user access to create a new template? Practice View Screen
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