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Unit VIII G4

Aryans -claimed by Hitler to be capable of building a great civilization -Hitler considered German's as the best Aryan's
Lebensraum -belief that a nations power was limited/controlled by its amount of land. -used by Hitler as he expanded eastward
"diplomatic revolution" -the rise of Nazi Germany as a world power -achieved through Germany's multiple breaking of the Treaty of Versailles
Anglo-German Naval Pact -Pact between Germany and England allowing Germany to have a navy a 3rd the size of England's -Was a sign that England was willing to compromise on the Treaty of Versailles
Rhineland -a section of land on the western border of Germany demilitarized in the treaty of Versailles -occupied by Nazi Germany with no consequences from the other nations.
Rome-Berlin Axis -treaty between the fascist Italy and Germany making them allies -created the foundation for the axis powers of WWII
appeasement -the act of nations allowing Nazi Germany to break the treaty of Versailles -done in hopes of keeping world peace, but used by Hitler to gain power
Neville Chamberlain -British Prime Minister who supported appeasement -believed as long as Germany acquired things peacefully it was okay
Sudetenland -piece of land that Hitler demanded be given to Germany -was taken from the Czechs and given to Germany peacefully at the Munich Confrence
Munich Conference -conference arranged between all major powers (excluding Russia) to determine how to handle Germany's demand for Sudetenland. - gave Germany all they wanted, and Germany claimed it was their "last demand"
"peace in our time" -declaration made by England's Chamberlain that the Munich Conference had assured final peace -displayed Chamberlain's belief that appeasement worked
1939 non-aggression pact -pact made between Stalin and Hitler in preparation for WWII -designated USSR as peaceful with Germany
Moltov-Ribbentrop Pact see non-aggression pact
Blitzkrieg -strategy used by Nazi Germany to have quick and successful battles - used in hopes of avoiding the devastation of trench warfare
panzer divisions - a large legion of tanks used in Blitzkrieg -used in combination with planes and air strikes to cause devestation
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