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Unit VIII G3

"wireless" and the BBC -Radio's allowed people to listen to live music wirelessly and have widespread audiences of a performance across the nation. -The British Broadcasting Corporation was a public broadcasting system that allowed people across Great Britain to tune in.
Birth of a Nation and The Blue Angel -Rise in popularity of movies/cinema allowed wider spread of ideas(including propoganda) and fame of actors. -Birth of a Nation was an American action silent film and The Blue Angel was a German sound film
German Expressionism -Form of expressionism focused on devastation and depression. -Created as a result of the devastation in Germany after WWI
George Grosz and Otto Dix -two German Expressionists who portrayed their personal hatred for the "Great War" -showed the devestation they lived through in Germany during and following the war
Dadaism -style of self proclaimed "anti-art" to show the pointlessness of life -said that all things were pointless and illogical and achieved nothing
Surrealism -art used to portray irrational and break barriers of logic -often portrayed things of dreams and nightmares
Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory -showed recognized objects clocks in unfamiliar positions (melting) -sought for the reality beyond reality , or a subconscious (surrealism)
Bauhaus School and Walter Gropius -sought functionalism architecture in which engineering and art joined in architecture. - architecture seems simple as it is serving a specific function while still being art.
"degenerate art" -the term/opinion of modern art by Hitler and the Nazi's -said this art was too simple and dull and was going backwards
"socialist realism" -art accepted by Stalinist Russia and similar to Nazi Germany's art -continuation of early 1800's art with focus on objective rather than subjective
"stream of consciousness" -a writing technique in which a character has an inner monologue of their innermost thoughts -was a part of the movement to go towards thoughts of of dreams or subconcious
James Joyce's Ulysses and Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway -Authors who used the "stream of consciousness" technique -sought to tell the story of characters through thoughts and reveal their point of view
Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf -sought to portray the spiritual loneliness of people in urban life -won Nobel prize for litterature
Carl Jung -a psychoanalyst and follower of Freud -believed that a part of all people's unconsciousness was shared between all human beings, and that unconsciousness represented a persons deep desires
Ernest Rutherford and the atom -the father of nuclear physics -learned that atoms could be divided and discovered the proton
Werner Heisenberg and the uncertainty principle -proposed that the path of and electron could never be observed accurately since light disrupted it said as a general rule no scientific information could be obtained for sure and as fact
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