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Reproductive Unit

Mrs. Ebel's review sheet for the Reproductive test

What are the "risky" times for getting pregnant? anytime
What is the danger of pre-ejaculation? Pulling out may still get the female pregnant
What are the 3 keys to a successful relationship? communication, relationship building, planning
What does abstinence mean? no sex
Can you still get pregnant or an STD if you abstain? no
Can you get STD's through anal or oral sex? yes
What is the legal age of consent? sixteen
What pathogen causes herpes? Herpes Simplex II Virus
What are the 3 stages of syphilis? 1)chancre on gentials/mouth, fever, sore throat2)body rash3)heart or brain damage, paralysis, insanity, death
Can syphilis be cured? yes
What is the pathogen that causes gonorrhea? gonoccocus bacteria
What are the long term effects of gonorrhea? ?
What 3 STD's have no cure? HIV/AIDS, herpes, warts
What is the endocrine system? hormone system
What is the master gland of the endocrine system? Pituitary gland
What structures in the male add fluid to the semen? Cowper's gland, seminal vesicle, prostate gland
What does AIDS stand for? Acquired-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
How does HIV spread? through blood, semen, vaginal sex, etc.
Which fluids do NOT transmit HIV? sweat, saliva, snot
Do people die from AIDS? yes
What is monogamy? one partner only
What are opportunistic dieseases? dieseases that only people with HIV/AIDS get
What is an embryo? a developing human through the first 8 weeks of development
What is a placenta? a blood vessel-rich organ that forms in a mother's uterus and provides nutrients and removes waste from a developing human
What is a fetus? a developing human from the start of the 9th week until delivery
What is the 1st Trimester? up to 3 months, umbilical cord, major body parts
What is the 2nd Trimester? months 4-6, kicks, hair, face features, hears voices, sex organs
What is the 3rd Trimester? months 7-9, increases in weight and height
What is FAS? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; birth defects that affect a baby that was exposed to alcohol during development
What are the 3 stages of labor? dilation, expulsion, placental
What is sterility? the inability to reproduce because the sperm cells are unable to fertalize the egg cells
Created by: enielson