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Unit VIII G2

totalitarianism -system in which a single ruler affiliated with a party had complete control over a state -similar to absolutism, but extra technology allows direct control of the peoples lives -fascism and communism are the conservative and liberal sides of totalitarianism respectively
Benito Mussolini -fascist Italian leader during WWII -took over Italy with violence and scare tactics
Fascio di Combattimento -the fascist political party created by Mussolini -a conservative form of totalitariansim
squadristi -group of armed fascists under Mussolini who attacked socialists -used in hopes of allowing Fascism to take over the government.
the blackshirts -another term for the squadristi, consisting of those hungry for violence. -their chaos allowed people to be drawn to fascism which claimed to create order.
"Woman into the home" -used by Mussolini to decrease unemployment, and increase population -stated that the role of a woman was to take care of the home and bare children
Weimar Republic -a republic created in Germany after their loss in WWI -eventually taken over by the fascist Hitler and the Nazi's
Adolph Hitler -The Fascist leader of the Nazi party in Germany -Helped start WWII as Fuehrer of Germany
Mein Kampf -Book written by Adolf Hitler while in prison for committing treason -Defined most of his ideology including anti-Semitism and social darwinism
Nazis -Group of Fascists eventualy lead by Adolf Hitler -right wing and strictly anti-communism
lebensraum -Idea shown in Hitler's Mein Kampf based on social Darwinism -said that superior nation had the right/responsibility to take over inferior nations
the enabling Act -legally gave the Chancellor (Hitler) a four year period in which he could pass any laws without the president or congress's interference. -passed by the Nazi dominant parliament as an amendment to the Wiemar Republic's Constitution
Aryanism -The belief the Aryan race (characterized by blond hair and blue eyes) was superior to others, such as Jews. -Led to laws that allowed for discrimination against Jews
Hitler Jugend (youth) -youth groups in Germany supporting Nazi Germany -focused on by Hitler to help the future of Nazi Germany
Nuremberg laws -Created to preserve Hitler's "pure Aryan race" -forbade Jews from marrying non-Jews and excluded them from society
Kristallnacht -a night in which violent burnings of Jewish businesses, houses, and synagogues occurred -led to encouragement of Jews to emigrate, or be sent to a concentration camp
Francisco Franco and the Spanish Civil War
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