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radiology exam

ALARA As low as reasonable achievable
What are x-rays used for ? Periodontal Disease, missing teeth, trama, Decay, evaluate growth, document current condition
Periapical The tissue surrounding the apex of the tooth
Radiopaque Not transparent to x-rays or other forms of radiation light/ white areas
Radiolucent Permitting the passage of x-rays, dark areas
Density The overall darkness of the x-ray picture
Contrast The level of difference between the black, white and grey areas of the film High contrast= Very few shades of black and white low contrast= many shades of grey between black and white
Subject to contrast The result of difference in absorption of the x-ray by tissue, the pt, the KVP , the scatter radiation
Over Exposure The act of exposing film to too much light or for too long a time
Under Exposure The act of exposing film to too little light or for too short a time
Film Contrast Contrast that comes from the characteristic of the film and processing film type exposure processing
Unexposed film appearance clear film with a bluish tinge
Film exposed to white light appearance film appears black
over exposed film appearance film appears dark
under exposed film appearance film appears light
premolar bite wings must include distal 1/2 canine, all premolars present + 1st molars of the MX and MD teeth, crestal bone
Incorrect horizontal angulation appearance a clear unexposed are on the film
Film bending appearance film appears stretched and distorted (all or portion of film)
film creasing appearance A thin radiolucent (dark) line appears on the film (usually straight)
Created by: sandramtnz
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