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Judicial Branch 2017

Terms for the Judicial Branch Test 2017

The right to hear a case for the first time original jurisdiction
The power to declare something unconstitutional judicial review
What is a major crime called? felony
What is the responsibility of a jury in a civil trial? decide if the defendant is responsible & decide how much money is owed
What are some reasons why civil cases are conducted? personal disputes, breaking contracts, family matters, payment of damages, property disputes
What amendment requires the national government to provide due process protection? 5th Amendment
A person who committed a misdemeanor crime would go to which VA court? VA General District Court
The accused enters a plea during an… arraignment
What can be done if a case is lost in the VA Supreme Court? appeal to the US Supreme Court
How can a person help insure the rights of an accused person? serve on a jury
A court hearing in which probable cause is reviewed arraignment
Which level and branch of govt has the right to declare VA laws unconstitutional? state judicial branch
What court case established the power of judicial review? Marbury v. Madison
In criminal cases what does a jury determine? if someone is guilty of breaking the law
What amendment states that a person must be read their Miranda Rights when arrested? 5th Amendment
What right is being violated when a person is not read their Miranda Rights? due process
If a person is accused of stealing electronics worth $7000, which court would the case be heard in? VA Circuit Court
If someone sues someone else for $125,000, which court would their case be heard in? VA Circuit Court
If the person who stole $7000 worth of electronics is found guilty but thinks he was not given a fair trial, which court would hear the appeal? VA Court of Appeals
What has the power to say what the law is? federal courts
What check does the judicial branch have over the executive branch? can declare executive actions unconstitutional
What check does the executive branch have over the judicial branch? appoints federal judges; power to pardon
What check does the judicial branch have over the legislative branch? can declare laws unconstitutional
What checks do the legislative branch have over the judicial branch? approve/reject federal judge appointments,impeach federal judges
What amendment requires state courts to honor due process protections for individuals? 14th Amendment
The right to hear a case on appeal from a lower court appellate jurisdiction
What do people usually want when they sue someone? money
If someone is accused of stealing merchandise worth $125 in VA (and it’s their first offense), which court would hear the case? VA General District Court
What is the goal of the juvenile justice system? rehabilitation
How does the juvenile court system protect juveniles? keep juveniles identities a secret
What must the panel of judges in an appeals court have to decide? if the defendant received a fair trial
Which VA court has a jury? VA Circuit Court
What right means that everyone has the same rights when accused of a crime (right to a jury trial, right to question witnesses, right to an attorney)? due process
What does an officer need to get a warrant from a judge in order to search someone’s home? probable cause
What would happen if new evidence comes up after a person is convicted in a VA Circuit Court? appeal to the VA Court of Appeals
What is responsible for interpreting the US Constitution? US Supreme Court
What types of cases does the US Supreme Court have original jurisdiction over? disputes between states,cases involving diplomats
What is the supreme law of the land? The Constitution
What types of cases are heard in a federal court? violations of federal laws; disputes between states; cases involving the Constitution; lawsuits involving the federal govt; cases based on admiralty& maritime laws; disputes between parties in different states;
Which article of the Constitution covers the judicial branch? Article III
What court official takes care of much of a judge’s routine work, such as issuing court orders and hearing preliminary evidence in a case? magistrate
Previous cases that serve as a guideline for cases currently being heard precedent
What type of case settles disputes between individuals? civil cases
At what age can a juvenile be tried as an adult in VA? 14 yrs old
Why are juvenile cases handled differently than adult cases? the goal is rehabilitation (changing behaviors)
Created by: thjohnson
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