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Chapter 1 - vocab

Abstract To condense a record
Clearinghouse A company that processes health information - serves as a middleman between physicians and billing entities
EHR Electronic healthcare records - interoperability for EMR - ability to share medical records with other medical facilities
EMR Electronic medical record - a patients records in digital format
HIPAA Health insurance portability and accountability act (1996) - protects patient information and security for electronically transmitting pt data
Meaningful use Incentive program that governs use of EHR - ensures EMR are being used in a meaningful way
Scrub To verify technical and coding accuracy before claims are filed so that claims won't be rejected
Squelae An after effect of a disease, condition or injury - secondary result
Sustainability The responsible use of resources
Workflow How tasks are performed throughout the office.
CHHIT certification commission for health information technology - not-for-profit organization to certify electronic medical record software, certifies EHR
classification systems organize related terms into categories for retrieval
CPOE computer physician order entry - application used by physicians and other health care providers to enter pt care information
ePHI electronic protectedd health information - PHI that is created in electronic form
ICD international classification of diseases - 3-5 digit codes representing medical conditions, signs, symptoms - diagnosis codes
LOINC logical observation identifiers names and codes - universal code system for identifying laboratory and clinical observations
NDC national drug code - code that identifies all medications recognized by FDA
PHI protected health information - individually identifiable health information
TPO treatment, payment and operations - conditions under which PHI can be released without consent from pt
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