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SOL review - Civics and Economics - Blue Part of Review Sheet

Name the duties of all citizens Obey Laws, Pay Taxes, Serve in the armed forces if called, Serve on a jury or witness in court when summond
What are ways individuals demonstrate responsible citizenship? A basic responsibility of citizenship is to contribute to the common good.
Name some civic responsibilities Register and Vote, Hold Elective Office, Participate in political campaigns, Keep informed regarding current issues, Serve in appointed government positions, Respect others right to an equal voice in government, Communicate with government officials.
What is the definition of civic responsibility? Civic responsibilities are fufilled by choice, they are voluntary
What is the definition of civic duties? Something that is required by the law, something you have to do.
What are your first amendment rights? Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition
What rights are garunteed through the fourteenth amendment? Due Process
What is the definition of Due Process? Extends the due process protection to actions of the states
What are some ways citizens can participate in community service? Volunteer, Express concern, Help make the community a better place.
What are some key qualities of good citizens? Trustworthyness, honesty, respect for the law, Courtesy, Patriotism, Participation in the community, Participation in elections
Created by: Izzy_03