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Unit VIII G1

League of Nations -Group designed by Woodrow Wilson to prevent another massive war -failed due to the United States not entering and poor structure
Dawes Plan -An updated version of the War Guilt Clause which made Germany's war reparations closer to what they could handle. -American loans to Germany allowed them larger entrance into European economics.
Treaty of Locarno -A border decided upon between France and Belgium and France -Considered large declaration of peace between France and Germany
Kellogg-Briand pact -agreement first made between the United States and France renouncing war -agreed upon by many other nations, but was little more than for show, and said nothing of ways to respond if broken
Great Depression -Caused by American stock market crash, overproduction of ag products, and increased tarrifs -resulted in widespread loss of jobs, overproduction, and higher prices -led many to consider marxism or fascism
John Maynard Keynes -economist who believed that depressions should be stopped by heavy government interference. -said it depressions were not caused by overproduction, but a lowering demand for the product.
The New Deal -FDR's plan to bring the US out of the great depression -Included the the WPA which employed people to help with public works projects
"war communism" -policy used in Russia which allowed the country to use the foods of the people to support the country in war -led to protest when goods/food were taken from citizens
New Economic Policy -a new policy created by Lenin to fix economic problems and motivation of the work force -a capitalist approach which allowed small businesses to be private
Joseph Stalin -a Russian communist who took control of Russia a few years after the death of Lenin -
five'year plans -a plan instituted by Stalin to industrialize the ag heavy Russia -quickly increased industry, but bad transition caused bad working and living conditions
Stakkhanov cult -stahkanov was a coal minor who was falsely said to have exceeded the average amount of coal mined for a shift by 1300% -was propaganda used to inspire workers to be more efficient
collective farms -plots of land where people worked and their products were given to the country -used in Russia and was an example of communism
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